Section 3 - Personnel

3-2 Employee Definitions

3-2a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

3-3 Evaluation of Non-Exempt Staff Positions

3-4a On-Call Status/Staff Personnel

3-5 Hiring of Salaried Personnel

3-5a Employment Background Screening

3-6 Employment of Relatives

3-7 Health Requirements

3-8 Probationary Period

3-9 Alternative Work Arrangements

3-10 Staff Separations

3-10a Termination of Faculty Appointment

3-10b Layoff (Staff Employee)

3-11 Expiration of Appointment

3-14 Hourly Employment (Non-Teaching Personnel)

3-15 Abusive Conduct and Respectful Work Conditions

3-16 Faculty Contract Periods

3-20 Vacations (Non-Teaching Personnel)

3-21 Sick Leave (Non-Exempt Staff, Exempt Staff, and Executives)

3-21a Sick and Family Leave (Faculty)

3-21b Conversion of Excess Sick Leave to Vacation (Non-Exempt Staff, Exempt Staff, and Executi

3-21c Voluntary Shared Leave (Non-Exempt Staff, Exempt Staff, and Executives)

3-22 Military Leave

3-23 Death in the Family

3-24 Jury and Witness Service

3-25 Faculty Sabbatical Leave

3-26 Leave Related to Birth, Adoption and Foster Child Placement

3-27 Administrative Leave

3-28 Special Leave

3-29 Leave of Absence Without Pay

3-29a Family and Medical Leave

3-30 Personal Conduct

3-30a Drug-Free Work Place

3-30b Alcoholic Beverage Policy (All Employees)

3-30c Drug and Alcohol Testing

3-31 Staff Employee Grievances

3-32 Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct

3-32a Amorous or Sexual Relations

3-33 Discipline (Staff Employees)

3-34 Americans with Disabilities Act & Section 504 Request for Accommodation

3-35 Garnishments

3-36 Conflict of Interest

3-36a Conflict of Interest/Board of Trustees

3-37 Solicitation of Employees

3-38 Employee Organizations

3-38b Staff Advisory Council

3-39 University Holidays

3-40 Retirement Programs

3-41 Early Retirement Programs

3-42 Tuition Benefits

3-42a Tuition Benefits for Non-Salaried Employees

3-42b Tuition Benefits for Retired/Deceased Employees

3-43 Insurance Benefits

3-45 Fringe Benefits

3-47 Salary Administration for Non-Exempt Staff Personnel

3-48 Extra Compensation (Salaried Non-Faculty)

3-49 Supplemental Pay/Administrators

3-50 Supplemental Pay/Faculty

3-51 Supplemental Pay for Instruction 

3-53 Payroll Action Requests (PAR's)

3-54 Consulting and External Employment Activities

3-55 Figuring Partial Payments in a Regular Pay Period (Non-Faculty)

3-56 Workers Compensation

3-57 Job-Related Accidents and Injuries

3-58 Accident Reporting Procedures

3-59 Financial Awards

3-62 Evaluation of University Personnel

3-63 Foreign Student Hourly Employment

3-64 Waiver of Income

3-65 Mobile Communication Agreement & Procedures

3-66 Service Leave

3-67 Violence Prevention

3-68 Released Wellness Time Guidelines

3-69 Education and Training of Personnel