Military Leave

No. 3-22 Rev. 9-2-14 Date 8-17-77






A. Military Leave for Training

1. Military leave for training shall be granted to all employees who, as members of a reserve component of the Armed Forces (the federally recognized National Guard, the federally recognized Air National Guard, the Officer's Reserve Corps, the Regular Army Reserve, the Air Force Reserve, the Enlisted Reserve Corps, the Naval Reserve, the Marine Corps Reserve, the Coast Guard Reserve), are ordered to full-time active military duty for training for a period of 15 calendar days or less.

2. Such leave is not granted for regular weekly or monthly meetings or drills required to maintain reserve status.

B. Eligibility for Pay

A salaried employee shall not have his/her salary reduced for active duty for training provided the total absence from work during a fiscal year does not exceed 15 working days and the employee submits copies of military orders in advance of the leave to his/her supervisor.

 C. Part-time Employees

Part-time salaried employees, working 20 hours per week or more, shall be eligible for military leave pay on a prorated basis.