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WSU COVID-19 Updates

Weber State University is making COVID-19 testing available for all members of our campus community.

WSU News

Price-Gouging Laws Created Shortages Shows WSU Research

Newly published research from Weber State Universitys Goddard School of Business & Economics suggests that these laws likely cause shortages undermining some of their own goals.

WSU and Health Department Open COVID Vaccination Clinic

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout for Weber and Morgan counties gets underway Jan. 5 at the Dee Events Center on the campus of Weber State University.

2020 at Weber State University

Amid the many challenges of 2020 Weber State University worked to provide a high-quality student-centered educational experience. Here is a look back at WSUs many highlights of the year.

Senior Proposes Location for Wildlife Overpass

Weber State senior Timber Erickson has identified an ideal location in northern Utah for a wildlife overpass which if built would eliminate a death trap for animals along a stretch of Interstate 84 making the road safer for motorists.