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WSU COVID-19 Updates

Weber State University is making COVID-19 testing available for all members of our campus community.

WSU News

Genderwashing Practices Are Major Barrier

WSU Business Assistant Professor Wendy Fox-Kirk co-authored the peer-reviewed article Genderwashing: The Myth of Equality published in Human Resource Development International in 2020.

WSU Mourns Passing of Professional Sales Professor

Weber State University mourns the passing of our friend and colleague Desiree Cooper Larsen.

WSU Partners with Companies to Boost Hispanic Opportunities

The Wildcat Micro Fund and the Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence are partnering with three companies to grow and support the Latino/Hispanic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

WSU Alumnus Time Magazine Guardian of the Year

Pete Sands was named Time Magazine Guardian of the Year for his work helping the Navajo Nation during the pandemic. He said his preparation to lead a Herculean effort took root in his high school library in Montezuma Creek.