Staff Advisory Council

No.  3-38b   Rev. 10-9-19     Date   5-2-91    


To provide for a mutually valuable channel of communication for staff employees with the Administration and Institutional Board of Trustees. This policy is not meant to replace or discourage other normal means of communication between staff employees and their supervisors.


Utah State Board of Regents Policy R223, Faculty and Staff Participation in Institutional Board of Trustees Meetings.


Staff includes the categories of Non-Exempt and Exempt Staff.

Administration is the President's Council.


A. The University shall have an Advisory Council to seek input from Staff employees and to represent the Staff in providing input and exchanging ideas with the Institutional Board of Trustees and the Administration.

B. The Council shall be made up of Staff who are employed in salaried positions at 75 percent FTE or greater.

C. The President's Council shall approve subdivisions of the University and the number of Non-Exempt Staff and Exempt Staff to be elected from each subdivision.

D. The Advisory Council shall facilitate a nomination and election procedure each year open to all eligible staff in which members of the Council are elected by their respective constituencies.

E. Members of the Council shall be elected for staggered three-year terms to provide for continuity.

F. Members of the Council shall select officers by majority vote.

G. President's Council shall appoint an Ex-Officio non-voting member to the Council, to provide administrative support and serve as a resource.

H. A non-voting liaison from Human Resources will serve on the Council to provide support and serve as a resource.

I. The Council shall meet as needed, but at least three times between September and June. A reasonable amount of release time from work shall be provided for the meetings and associated assignments.

J. The Chair of the Council shall receive a copy of Institutional Board of Trustees meeting agendas and the minutes of Board of Trustees meetings. An opportunity shall be granted to the Chair of the Council to make reports to the President's Council and/or the Institutional Board of Trustees upon request.