Payroll Action Requests (PARs)

No. 3-53    Rev.   02-14-06    Date   8-17-77    


Payroll Action Requests (PARs) are used to initiate payroll activity and human resources information for University employees and to report all changes which may occur after hiring. 



PARs must be completed and appropriately approved/signed 1) prior to payment for services rendered by University employees; 2) prior to employment status changes (including supervisory/report changes); and 3) prior to organizational changes.


A.  Preparer completes PAR web-based form to initiate action.

B.  Preparer prints form.

C.  Preparer secures appropriate signatures on first line of PAR form to satisfy legal and audit considerations.

D.  Preparer routes form to either the Payroll Department or the Human Resources Department for action.

1.  The Human Resources Department receives all PARs related to base pay status or employment status of salaried employees.

2.  The Payroll Department receives all other PARs.

E.  The Human Resources Department secures signature(s) from appropriate executive(s) on PAR form, as required.