Evaluation of Non-Exempt Staff Positions

No. 3-3 Rev. 11-18-98 Date 8-17-77


A. The objective of the Job Evaluation Plan is to develop employee satisfaction and productivity by properly ranking jobs within a selected pay plan.

B. Job evaluation is one major element of adequate and equitable compensation. It provides a system to measure the skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions required by a job. It is a means by which to (a) appraise the relative value of the job in relationship to other jobs, (b) assign an appropriate grade and range within the pay plan and (c) designate a title for the job which reflects the nature of the job and its position within the pay plan. Individual performance is measured not by job evaluation but by performance review.

C. The director of Human Resources is responsible for developing and maintaining the job evaluation procedures.

D. Each department head/supervisor is responsible for the administration of policies and procedures pertaining to position classification within his/her department. This includes apprising the director of Human Resources of any inequities or potential inequities that relate to the evaluation and classification of jobs within the department.

E. If a supervisor feels that an inequity in salary grade exists, an opportune time to recommend an evaluation is when the job is vacant. If time allows, the supervisor should request a reevaluation before filling the job.

F. Supervisors requesting job upgrades should document in detail their reasons for requesting the change and submit the justification with the Request for Job Evaluation.

G. Job evaluation is a management tool existing within the framework of institutional planning and budgeting and subject to legal guidelines at federal and state levels. A procedure is prescribed to mesh job evaluation with these major managerial considerations.

H. The University is not responsible for salary commitments that are not in line with the position classification plan unless prior permission, including the approval of the director of personnel, is obtained through proper management channels.

I. The University reserves the right to downgrade a position if a job evaluation supports this action. The pay rate at which the incumbent remains will be determined by administrative decision.


A. Request for Job Evaluation

A department head/supervisor may request evaluation of a new job or reevaluation of a current job by routing a Request for Job Evaluation form through the appropriate dean and vice president to the director of Human Resources. Requests for reevaluation should be based on the premise that the job to be evaluated is improperly ranked relative to other jobs. Job evaluation is not designed to reward performance or create comparability between Weber State University wage rates and local wage rates. Other tools are provided to accomplish these ends.

B. Job Description

1. Upon the approval of the appropriate dean and vice president, a job evaluator will contact the supervisor and arrange to write or rewrite the job description. Supervisors will be asked to provide rough job descriptions on new jobs. The job evaluator and the supervisor will work closely throughout the job description process. It is advisable for the supervisor to include the employee in the process. Both the supervisor and the employee will be asked to approve the job description before job evaluation takes place.

2. Job descriptions will also be used by the Human Resource Office to determine minimum qualifications in screening candidates for jobs. They provide a basis for valid pre-employment tests, and are valuable to supervisors for training new employees and evaluating job performance.

3. Job descriptions will contain information about the minimum educational and/or training requirements necessary to perform jobs successfully.

C. Job Evaluation

A compensation team, headed by the director of Human Resources, will evaluate the job based upon the job description and input from the job evaluator. Point values are assigned to the various evaluation factors and a grade is determined from the point total.

D. Approval

1. For new positions and recommended grade changes, a letter requesting approval of the assigned grade will be routed by the Human Resource Office, through the supervisor and dean, to the vice president.

2. In the case that no grade change is recommended for reevaluation, a letter to that effect will be sent to the supervisor with copies to the dean and the vice president.

E. Implementation

1. New jobs will be filled according to the approved grade through the normal employment process.

2. Grade changes for reevaluated jobs are a function of budgeting, which is the responsibility of the vice president. Normally, grade changes will be accomplished at the beginning of the fiscal year and are subject to budget consideration. The approval of the vice president signifies that the change will be supported if funds are available. Immediate changes will be infrequent and must be cleared through the vice president for Administrative Services.