Probationary Period

No. 3-8 Rev. 12-08-2009 Date 8-17-77


A. All exempt and non-exempt staff employees shall serve a probationary period of six months during which time their work performance and general suitability for University employment will be carefully evaluated.

B.  Following the completion of a satisfactory probationary period an employee shall gain non-probationary status and is eligible to apply for internal job vacancies.  The immediate supervisor may allow an employee to apply for internal job vacancies before completion of the probationary period.

C. Employees who are rehired following a break in service shall serve a new probationary period, whether or not they had attained non-probationary status previously.

D. Staff employees transferring from one department to another or from one job to another on campus may be required to serve another probationary period if deemed advisable by the new supervisor and approved by the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources following consultation with the employee involved.


A. Extension of Probationary Period

1. The probationary period may be extended for 60 calendar days in those cases when recent progress indicates that with additional training and experience the employee will be successful.

2. In such cases, the Human Resources Office shall be notified of such action by the appropriate supervisor.

B. Release During Probationary Period

If at any time during the probationary period the employee's performance or general suitability for University employment is found to be unsatisfactory, the employee may be released as follows:

1. During the probationary period, the department head may approve the release of an employee following consultation with the Human Resource Office. A release shall be supported by a probationary release form.

2. An employee who is released during the probationary period shall be given two weeks' notice or pay in lieu of notice.

C. Resignation During Probationary Period

The employee may terminate employment during the probationary period without "adverse employment references" by submitting a written resignation.