Solicitation of Employees

No. 3-37 Rev. 12-23-98 Date 8-17-77


Solicitation of employees on University property by agents, with advertising materials and/or for contributions, shall not be made without written consent of the president.

Solicitation--Membership Agents

If permission is granted, participation by employees is strictly voluntary. Solicitation of instructional personnel must never interfere with the instructional programs.

Solicitation--Advertising, Sales, Promotional Material

No notices, tickets, information, sales gimmicks or other materials of an advertising nature from outside the University may be distributed by University employees.

Films, filmstrips, slides, transparencies and other free instructional materials of an educational nature carrying incidental advertising may be used for instruction. Such material should have a purpose related to the curriculum.

Solicitation for Contributions

Except for authorized solicitation, such as the annual United Fund Campaign, solicitation of employees on the premises of the University or on behalf of any club, society, religious organization, political party or similar association is prohibited.

Solicitation by Mail

A listing by name of faculty or staff will not be distributed to any organization or business concern. The inter- and intra-mail service provided by and for employees of the institution will not be used for the purpose of mass distribution of material to promote organization membership or commercial interest.