Salary Administration for Non-Exempt Staff Personnel

No.   3-47  Rev.       Date   8-17-77    


A. It shall be the responsibility of the Human Resource Office to develop, maintain and administer a classification and pay plan to act on all matters pertaining to the following:

1. Establishment of new job classes

2. Arrangement of new positions to established job classes

3. Reassignment of present positions to established job classes

4. Reclassification of present positions

5. Establishment of pay grades and ranges

6. Recommendation of guidelines for pay increases

7. The abolishment of an existing job class

B. Certain positions may be exempt from the classification system when recommended by the Human Resource director and approved by the appropriate vice president.

C. No salaries shall be approved unless they conform to the approved classification and compensation plans and/or at one of the salary levels for the class.

D. All faculty positions shall be exempt from the staff classification plan.

E. The primary responsibility of the day-to-day administration of the classification plan rests with the individual departments, working with the Human Resource Office, to function within the limits set.

F. The Human Resource Office shall be responsible for the overall conditions and review of the salary schedule in conjunction with the vice president for Administrative Services.

G. The University shall provide equitable compensation in recognition for meritorious service. Following are the major considerations in the establishment of pay rates:

1. Availability of funds

2. Pay rates for comparable work

3. Supply of qualified personnel

4. Demands of the job

5. Quality of performance

H. Advancement across the range of a pay grade shall be for rewarding employee's improved performance and longevity.

I. The pay schedule is used to determine the proper rate for a position according to the assigned pay grade allocated.

J. The starting rate for a new staff member is normally the first step in the appropriate pay grade for the position.

K. At the time of hiring, in exceptional cases, qualified persons may be paid a salary above entry level in the appropriate pay grade if approved by the appropriate vice president or president.

L. Merit increases are granted annually, when funds are available, on the basis of performance. Performance reviews will be conducted at least once each year.

M. Mid-year pay adjustments shall be made only for promotions, demotions and reclassification, and then only if funds are available.

N. The president, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, will issue annual salary notices to all employees who are on a salary basis and who appear by name in the operating budget.

O. The notice will stipulate the amount of salary, position classification, number of months of service contracted for, number of pay installments and such other terms as may be deemed necessary.