Supplemental Pay, Faculty

No.  3-50   Rev.   03-14-06    Date  8-17-77     


A. Extra Compensation

Payment for services rendered in addition to normal full-time activity or 100 percent of an individual’s salaried effort.

B. Funds Administered by the University

General funds, uniform school funds, grant and contract funds, restricted and unrestricted funds, auxiliary funds, WSUSA funds, and development funds.

C. Full-time Appointment

This term is used to identify those faculty paid on a salary basis (not an hourly basis), whose appointments are at least 9 months in length during each fiscal year and whose appointments are equal to or greater than the equivalent of 100% for 9 months or 75% for 12 months.  Full-time appointments for faculty members require full commitment of working time and effort.

D.  Regular Faculty

A faculty member with a full-time appointment as defined above.

E.  Regularly Contracted Faculty Member

A faculty member with a contract involving a full-time appointment as defined above.

F.  9-Month Equivalent Salary

For faculty with contracts other than 9-month contracts, the 9-month equivalent salary is simply their base contract salary converted to a 9-month period (e.g. the 9-month equivalent salary for an 11-month contract is 9/11ths of the base contract).


A. Applicability

This policy applies solely to funds administered and paid by the University.

B. Approval Requirements

Faculty Members and Other Academic Personnel:

1.  Department Chair and academic dean, for all faculty members receiving additional compensation.

2. Sponsored projects officer, in addition to the dean, for individuals who are compensated wholly or in part by sponsored funds.

3.  For department chairs and other administrators reporting to the dean, approval of the dean is required.  For supplemental pay received by deans, approval of the provost is required.

NOTE: When faculty members are requested to teach a course outside their own departments during a regular teaching semester (e.g.), that course will either be scheduled as part of the faculty member’s normal teaching load or extra compensation will be paid to the faculty member.

C. Faculty members may engage in research, sponsored projects, training grants, interdepartmental consulting, extra teaching, etc., during the academic year in which they also fulfill the requirements of their regular full-time faculty appointment at the University. 

D. Maximum extra compensation for supplemental work (described in C above) done during the academic year (two semesters) is limited to the greater of either one-third of the 9-month equivalent salary for the individual faculty or one-third of the average 9-month equivalent salary for the regular faculty in the highest and second highest salary quartile.

E. If any portion of the supplemental pay is to be paid from federal funds, written permission for that supplemental pay must be obtained in advance from the agency that granted or authorized the use of the federal funds. 

F. A regularly contracted faculty member may be paid by the university to teach a maximum number of credit hours.  See PPM 4-6

G.  Exceptions may be made to the policies described above for a limited time when extenuating circumstances exist.  However, these exceptions must be approved in advance by the dean and reported to the provost.  If federal funds are involved, the exceptions must be approved by the Director of the Office of Sponsored Projects as to their compliance with federal regulations.

H.  Any payment made to a faculty member for work on projects involving federal funds must not exceed the basic University contracted salary rate unless the exception was properly detailed in the project proposal or a subsequent letter and given prior approval in writing by the granting agency.