Faculty Work Load

No. 4-6 Rev. 03-14-06 Date 9-4-79


The normal teaching load for Weber State University faculty is 24 semester hours per academic year. The credit-hour base for the teaching load is computed using the following considerations:

1. Courses that Require Regularly Scheduled Instruction

The instructor accrues the same number of credit hours of instructional load that the course generates for students taking the course.

2. Activity Courses and Supervision of Laboratory Experiences

Instructors accrue one-half of the time spent in class as part of the instructional load assignment.

3. Shared Course Responsibilities

For courses that are team taught, or for which there are components beyond the scheduled instructional times, the instructor receives credit for that component directly taught or supervised.

4. Directed Readings, Special Problems, Individual Studies and Research Studies

The instructor accrues one-fourth credit hour of teaching load for each student credit hour supervised. During any semester of the academic year, no more than three credit hours of teaching load may accrue in this area.


1. A regularly contracted faculty member may teach a maximum of 7 credit hours per semester up to a maximum of 12 credit hours per academic years (two semesters).

2. Uncompensated courses (directed readings, clinical supervision, internships, etc.) are exempt from the overload limit.

3. Overload teaching must be approved by the department chair and the dean. Department chairs and deans may restrict overload teaching to a level less than the maximums described in PPM 4-6, B.1. Department chairs and deans are also responsible for determining enrollment limits in courses. In instances where the department chair and dean cannot reach an agreement on enrollment limits, the decision will be referred to the provost.

4. Exceptions may be made to PPM 4-6, B. 1 and 2 for a limited time when extenuating circumstances exist. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. Such exceptions must be approved in advance by the department chair and dean.


In addition to the normal 24-semester hours of teaching, faculty members are expected to assume other professional responsibilities such as advising students, maintaining office hours, performing public service, engaging in research and other scholarly activities and serving on committees. At the discretion of the departments and colleges, teaching time may be reassigned. Reassigned activities may include specific courses (e.g., student teaching supervision), specific program requirements (e.g., nursing, graduate programs, etc.), specific tasks in faculty governance (e.g., chairing a department or program, chairing major Faculty Senate committees, directing programs initiated by the President or Provost, etc.). The amount of time to be reassigned is to be made in accordance with existing policies of the university.