On-Call Status, Staff Personnel

No.  3-4a   Rev.       Date  3-12-80     


A. Full-time staff personnel with regular annual appointments requiring less than 12 months duration shall be maintained on an on-call status during the period of time when their services are not required.

B. An employee on an on-call status shall make himself/herself available to the University during the period of absence from regularly assigned duties when given reasonable notice that his/her services are needed.

C. An on-call status employee shall be paid for services rendered during the on-call period at an hourly rate commensurate with the equivalent salary earned by the employee during the fiscal year in which the work is performed.

D. An on-call status employee shall receive the regular fringe benefits during the on-call period.

E. Each staff employee working on a less-than-12-month basis shall confer with his/her supervisor at the end of each full-time period with regards to the employee's availability during the remaining on-call period.  Exceptions may be made on an individual basis for circumstances such as an employee's commitment during the on-call period to supplemental employment with an employer other than Weber State University.