Death in the Family

No.  3-23   Rev.  9-2-14  Date  8-17-77  






Immediate Family:  For the purpose of this policy, immediate family is defined as grandparent, parent, spouse, brother, sister, child or grandchild of the employee or the employee's spouse (step-relatives in these categories are included).


A. Time off with pay is authorized to salaried employees in the case of a death in the immediate family as defined above to the extent considered reasonable and necessary by the department head. This allowance is not to exceed three (3) working days and is not chargeable to vacation or sick leave. Salaried employees may receive such leave for each occurrence.

B. Time taken in addition to the three days should be charged to vacation leave or leave without pay.

C. Such leave shall be recorded in the university's record-keeping system.

D. Part-time salaried employees working one-half (1/2) time or more may receive this leave on a prorated basis.