Personal Conduct

No. 3-30    Rev.       Date 8-17-77      


A. Personnel do represent the University. The impression an outside individual has of the University may be determined by the actions of its personnel. Punctuality, cooperation and courtesy should be observed at all times.

B. Personnel should keep University business out of social conversation. The confidential affairs of the University are not proper subjects for off-campus discussions.

C. Gambling, drinking of intoxicating liquor or beer and disorderly conduct of any kind are forbidden on the campus or in the buildings of the University or in any housing units under the supervision of the University or at any function sponsored by the University.

D. Employees of the University will not actively solicit support of any political candidates, partisan or non-partisan, or solicit support of any issue of any referendum matter during regular hours on University property. Further, employees are not allowed to solicit for organizations or distribute literature on University time and/or in working areas.

E. Employees of the University are permitted, as citizens, to express their opinions through letters to the editor or letters to other media. In such cases, unless express approval is granted by the Board of Trustees, personnel will refrain from identifying themselves as spokesmen of the University which precludes the use of University letterheads for such correspondence.