Consulting and External Employment Activities

No.   3-54  Rev. 7-27-83      Date  8-17-77     



A. Full-time employees of the University are expected to give full service to the work of the University as their prime employment activity.

B. Consulting

Professional consulting related to the University assignment of an executive or member of the faculty or exempt staff is encouraged. Such consulting by University employees will be subject to the following provisions:

1. It will not interfere with the contractual obligations and services expected by the University.

2. The appropriate department chair and dean or equivalent supervisor will be informed promptly of each consulting activity.

3. Extended, planned absence from campus during the period of contracted employment will require prior approval from the dean or equivalent supervisor.

4. Provisions of PPM 3-36 concerning conflict of interest will be observed.

5. Exempt employees may use non-exempt staff members to assist them in private consulting activities only at times other than regular work hours.

6. Work on projects or activities for which an employee receives supplementary pay from or through the University will not be considered as consulting for the purposes of this policy.

C. External Employment

The University does not seek to restrict unduly its employees' opportunities for external employment including self-employment. In order to insure full and faithful discharge of the employee's University duties and to prevent conflicts of interest, the following provisions are in effect:

1. Any external employment during the contractual period, including self-employment, will be reported to the department chair and dean or equivalent supervisor.

2. Faculty members may perform instructional services for other academic institutions during their academic year contractual period only with the prior knowledge and approval of the appropriate dean.

3. Employees shall not use University telephone numbers or addresses in private business listings or advertising.

4. Provisions of PPM 3-36 will be observed; any activity that could be interpreted as involving conflict of interest will be brought promptly to the attention of both the employee and the supervising vice president.