Conversion of Excess Sick Leave to Vacation (Non-Exempt Staff, Exempt Staff, and Executives

No. 3-21b    Rev. 06-10-03      Date 4-20-83     


A. Eligibility

Non-exempt staff, exempt staff, and executives are eligible to participate in the sick leave conversion program.

B. Guidelines

After an employee has accumulated 18 days of unused sick leave, any sick leave days accumulated during the sick leave year (November 1 through October 31) in excess of eight (8) may be converted, at the option of the employee, to vacation days. Part time salaried non-exempt staff, exempt staff, and executives may participate in sick leave conversion on a prorated basis.

C. Limitations

1. Maximum vacation carry over as defined in PPM 3-20 applies, in that no more than 30 days vacation credit may be carried over from one vacation year to the next.

2. Individuals who are eligible to convert excess sick leave will be notified by the Payroll Office immediately following the mid-November payroll. If excess sick leave is not converted by the end of November, it will continue to be carried as sick leave.