PPM 3-10, Staff Separations


This policy describes separation of salaried staff members (non-faculty) from University employment. The University strives to provide continuous employment through effective planning and selection of employees. The University seeks to handle voluntary or involuntary separations in a manner to achieve the least adverse effect upon the employee and University.

          2.1    PPM 3-8, Probationary Period

          2.2    PPM 3-20, Vacations (Non-Teaching Personnel)

          2.3    PPM 3-29, Leave Without Pay

          2.4    PPM 3-33, Discipline (Staff Employees)

         2.5     PPM 3-40, Retirement Programs

          2.5    PPM 3-41, Early Retirement Program

          2.6    PPM 3-45, Fringe Benefits

          2.7    Utah Board of Higher Education Policy R843, Guidelines for Reduction in Force Policy

          2.8    Pub. No. L. 99-272, 100 Stat. 82 (1985), Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 ("COBRA")


           3.1     Discharge - This form of separation results from disciplinary action as described in PPM 3-33. 

           3.2     Layoff - This form of separation is caused by reduction in force due to circumstances that may include inadequate funds, budget constraints, grant expiration, change of workload, lack of work, departmental reorganization, or other business reasons.

          3.3      Release - Temporary release is a separation due to completion of a temporary work assignment. Probationary release is a separation during the probationary period (see PPM 3-8).

         3.4       Resignation - This form of separation includes formal notice of discontinuance of service, leaving without work without proper approval, failure to report to work for two (2) consecutive work days, or failure to return to work following approved leave (vacation, sick leave, leave without pay (PPM 3-29), or other approved leave) for two (2) consecutive work days.

         3.5       Retirement - An individual may retire when they are eligible and are approved for retirement under PPM 3-40 or PPM 3-41. (For purposes of being eligible for retirement benefits, see PPM 3-45.)

4.0    POLICY

          4.1     Notice of Separation

                4.1.1    An employee should give notice of their intent to resign at the earliest feasible date, at least two weeks prior to separation unless due to extenuating circumstances the University agrees to a shorter period of notice.

                4.1.2    Resignations shall be submitted in writing to the department head or supervisor and forwarded to the Human Resources department ("HR").

               4.1.3     The University shall give salaried employees who have completed their probationary period two weeks' notice of separation, or two weeks' pay instead of notice, at the University's discretion, unless separation is due to discharge.

              4.1.4      Temporary personnel shall be given as much notice as is reasonable, at the discretion of the University.

     4.2    Separation Benefits

              4.2.1     Employees who separate from the University shall be paid for earned but unused vacation leave as applicable in accordance with PPM 3-20. 

             4.2.2      Medical, life, dental, and disability insurance coverage ends at the end of the last work day. Employees may be eligible for temporary continuation of health insurance benefits after employment ends, in accordance with COBRA. 

             4.2.3      Compensation shall not be paid for unused sick leave.

             4.2.4      Contributions to retirement programs will end on the last day worked for involuntary and voluntary separations. Contributions will be made to the last date paid for separations that occur as a result of a probationary release.

             4.2.5      When an individual separates from the University, it constitutes a break in continuous service. If an individual is hired again in the future, their multiple terms of service will not be considered continous (for example for purposes of retirement benefits, vacation accrual, service award year, etc.) unless specific approval is obtained from the Assistant Vice President of HR for reinstatement of previous service time. 

      4.3   Separation Processes

              4.3.1     Each separating employee shall meet with a representative of HR on or before the last day of employment to complete separation processes.

             4.3.2     The supervisor (or designee) shall complete a separation payroll action request for every separating employee. This action should be taken immediately upon learning of a separation. Notifying HR as soon as possible will expedite separation procedures.

Revision History

Creation Date: 8-17-77

Amended: 6-27-07; 4-21-21