Faculty Contract Periods

No. 3-16 Rev. 5-12-98 Date 8-17-77


A. Nine-month faculty appointments cover employment for Fall and Spring Semesters or the twelve week Summer term and one semester in the twelve-month calendar year beginning July 1. Each of the semesters or twelve week Summer Term commitments includes instruction, examination days, commencement exercises and university and college meetings as scheduled by the University.

B. The professional commitment of all faculty will include a variety of activities that often take place on other than instruction and examination days. Examples include the following:

      • Professional development Evaluation of students
      • Student advisement Committee work
      • Curriculum development Research
      • Preparation for instruction Field trips
      • Evaluation of instruction Professional community service

It is understood that many of these activities may be scheduled by the department, college or University administration and that faculty are expected to attend the activities to which they are assigned as part of the salary commitment. Faculty are committed to a nine-month equivalent obligation, even though not all of their activities are performed during instruction and examination days.

C. Fall and Spring Semesters and the twelve week Summer Term will be considered equal in terms of proportion of salary earned. Where an appointment begins, changes or terminates during the year of the appointment, the salary will be prorated based on the number of instruction and examination days employed and the total number of instruction and examination days in that semester or the twelve week Summer term.