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 June 2018 Newsletter


Monthly Health Topic: Friendships and Wellness

Why Is It Important

The people you choose to become close with can have an influence on your overall health. In a 2004 Gallup poll, it was determined that the average American has nine close friends. Research has shown that the following things can happen to your health based on these nine people:

1- Your friends can help to alleviate stress. While close friends cannot eliminate all your stress, they can help to ease it by providing a safe place to vent and brainstorm. Those who have closer, stronger bonds with their friends tend to release less cortisol during stressful times.

2- Your friends can make you healthier. This can come in the form of improved blood pressure, body mass index, and waist circumference. Your friends can also influence your health negatively as well. It has been studied that when one close friend gains weight, the rest of the group tends to follow. But the same can be true if one close friend starts to exercise or eat healthier.

3- Your friends may help you to live longer. Those who engage with a group of close friends and participate in their community tend to live longer than those who are isolated. Having close social connections can have a greater impact on overall health than exercise alone.

Waterfall Hiking Series

June, July, August

Join Campus Recreation's Outdoor Program for a progression of hiking trips during the Summer of 2018! Who doesn't love waterfalls? This is an amazing opportunity to cool off in the summer in our own backyard.

Summer Waterfall Series trips

Waterfall Canyon: June 9, 2018

Farmington Creek: July 7, 2018

Adams Canyon: August 4, 2018

Pre-registration is required. All trips will depart from the Outdoor Program, 4022 Taylor Ave. Please bring your own day pack, sturdy shoes, food water, jacket, and sun protection. Completion of all three hikes can earn you $20 through the Wellness Pays Rewards program.

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June 30

Get active, discover and play along Weber County’s expansive network of urban trails during Weber Pathways’ second annual Trailfest 2018 presented by Bank of Utah. The free celebration of the county’s trail network takes place Saturday, June 30, 2018 beginning with a wide variety of organized trail activities from 8 a.m. to noon. The public can also enjoy a Trailfest Festival and Expo at the Ogden Amphitheater from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Families can enjoy the organized activities along the Centennial Trail that include a muddy trail demonstration, trail etiquette, free tubing on the Ogden River, science learning projects, digging for “fossils” and making a plaster cast near Eccles Dinosaur Park, and more. Some of the trails are narrow dirt paths and others are wider and paved. Participants can get their TrailFest Passports stamped at the hosted trail segments and then bring their passports to the TrailFest Expo and Festival for a chance to win great prizes.

The Festival and Expo will feature community organization booths, great food and beverages, and healthy family-oriented activities such as trampolines. Also available to festivalgoers is the Farmers Market, that is going on in the vicinity that morning.

Stop at 5 Trail Checkpoints, stamp your Passport, and earn $20 through the Wellness Pays Rewards program!

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Summer of Gratitude

Summer Semester Challenge

Do you ever feel that you are caught up in the motions of life, but do not actually stop to enjoy the small moments? Keeping a gratitude journal can assist with taking a minute each day to step back and reflect on the good things that have happened.

Gratitude can help you to appreciate the small joys in life and become less dependent on material “happiness”. Those who express gratitude on a regular basis have been shown to increase overall happiness, improve relationships, increase work productivity, and reduce perceived stress.

During the summer semester, you will be challenged to keep a gratitude journal for 75 days (5 days, 15 weeks). You will have the choice to write or photograph your journal entries.

Participation in one semester challenge will earn you $20 through the Wellness Pays Rewards program.

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Recess At Work

June Monthly Challenge

June 27th is National Recess at Work Day. To honor this event, Employee Wellness is dedicating this month’s challenge to play!

For this month’s challenge, you are asked to play a small, quick game with one or more coworkers at least ten times throughout the month, on ten separate days. Each week, you will be emailed a tip sheet that better explains the importance of friendships at work and how play can be used to improve your work environment.

Participation in three monthly challenges will earn you $20 through the Wellness Pays Rewards program.

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Lunch & Learn: Movement in a "Dysfunctional" World


In order to maintain and support the human body, movement is vital for health and wellness. Without movement our bodies deteriorate and don’t function as they should creating pain and dysfunction within the tissues. Movement keeps the body happy and improves overall function. This recorded Lunch and Learn was compiled by Health Promotion intern, Lacy Johnson. Information provided during this presentation will assist with completing the July Monthly Challenge.

This Lunch & Learn will be available to view after Monday, June 25th. A reminder email will be sent when the presentation is ready. Attendance at three monthly presentations will earn you $20 through the Wellness Pays Rewards program.

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April Lunch & Learn

Now Available to View

Did you miss our April Lunch & Learn presentation? You can now view it online and earn credit towards the Wellness Pays Rewards program.

Do you have a goal that you just keep putting off? Do you wanna learn some habits that will help motivate you to accomplish it? Join Employee Wellness as we learn some habits and key motivation techniques to help you accomplish your GOAL!

We will be discussing how to DREAM BIG. SET GOALS. AND TAKE ACTION.

Presented by Exercise and Sports Science Intern, Chelsea Grange

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Personal Training

Summer, Mondays and Wednesdays

Employee Wellness has appointments available for personal training on Mondays and Wednesdays during the summer semester.

Personal training consists of meeting with a student trainer once a week for six weeks. Your trainer will demonstrate how to use the equipment located in the Wildcat Arena and will develop a fitness plan based on your needs. Sessions will last approximately one hour.

This service is provided free of charge for salaried employees who have completed a health risk assessment and blood lipid screening within the past 12 months. You must schedule your initial appointment before June 27th; space is limited.

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Health Improvement Classes

TRAINING TRACKER 810-10, 810-11

Cholesterol 101: Was your cholesterol elevated during your last Blood Lipid Screening? This class will provide you with the latest research on lowering your cholesterol numbers through diet, exercise and stress management.

Blood Pressure 101: Elevate blood pressure can lead to a myriad of health conditions if not properly managed. If managed early, many participants may be able to avoid blood pressure reducing medications.

Program Information Classes

TRAINING TRACKER 800-13, 800-12

Employee Wellness 101: This class will walk you through the various programs that make up the WSU Employee Wellness Program. Topics covered include Wellness Pays (Bonus and Rewards), registering for incentives and classes, and the Employee Wellness application on the eWeber Portal.

PEHP Wellness 101: This class will cover how to log into the PEHP website, complete the steps for your rebate, and inform you about the many other programs offered by Healthy Utah and PEHP Wellness

Fitness Related Classes

TRAINING TRACKER 810-07, 810-08, 810-15

Gym Orientations: These one-hour classes will demonstrate how to use the machine weights, free weights and cardio equipment on the north side of the court in the Wildcat Arena. You will also learn how to determine your one rep max and how to use this number to develop a strength training program. Please come dressed to exercise!

Fitness Self Assessment: Learn how to conduct your own fitness assessment! During this one hour class, you will learn the proper way to test a one-mile run, mile and a half walk, push ups, crunches and flexibility. You will also be shown how to complete the required documentation to claim your $20 reward. Please come dressed to exercise!

Medical Self Care


Take this one-hour class and learn how to treat illnesses at home and know when a visit to a healthcare provider is truly necessary—helping you save time and money! This class covers acute illness and chronic conditions, and additional PEHP benefits.


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PEHP Wellness

PEHP Monthly Health Challenge

Helping Hand

Be well by doing good. Small acts of service lift the giver and the receiver. Take this challenge and you might feel a little better each day by helping someone else.

PEHP Challenges can be substituted for an Employee Wellness Monthly Health Challenge.

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Lighten Up

June 5 - July 27

Want to learn key concepts that empower you to choose foods both nourishing and satisfying? Interested in learning tools to help you maintain a life-long healthy weight? Register for our 8-week educational series and Lighten Up!

Weekly topics include: Nutrition Basics, Healthy Cooking and Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping Basics, Dining Out and Sensible Snacking, Behavior Change, Physical Activity, Emotional Eating, and The Weight Loss Plateau, Roadblocks, and Speed Bumps

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Wellness Across Campus

Davis Campus Traveling Assessments

June 7, August 1

Complete your blood lipid screening at the Weber State Davis campus to qualify for the Wellness Pays Bonus Program and the PEHP Healthy Utah Rebate Program. Employees and spouses can register for testing once they complete the Health Risk Assessment. Click the link below for instructions to initiate this first step.

Employee Wellness will be at the Davis Campus the first Wednesday of every month to conduct blood lipid screenings.

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