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Employee Wellness

October 2017 Newsletter

Lunch and Learn: Random Acts Of Kindness

September 29, October 4

There is still time to register for this month's Lunch and Learn Presentation. Information provided during this presentation will correlate with October's Monthly Challenge!

When was the last time you received a random act of kindness? This month for Lunch and Learn we’ll be exploring multiple ways to show kindness and how it can have a positive effect on your health. Join us for an uplifting afternoon that will “rock!


14th Annual Outdoor Gear Sale and Swap

October 4

14th Annual Outdoor Program Gear Sale and Swap October 4th 8am-3pm in the WSU Lower Bell Tower Plaza. Join the Outdoor Program for incredible deals on new and used outdoor equipment. This years sale will include: Stand up paddle boards (SUPS), inflatable kayaks, rafts, backcountry skis, snowshoes, kayaks, canoes, paddles, life jackets, tents, sleeping bags and more. Arrive early for the best selection.

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Cooking Demo

Excess Garden Goodies

Did you plant a vegetable garden this year? If not, did your neighbors plant an overabundance of veggies that they are trying to pawn off to your family?

This month’s cooking demo with show you all the delicious dishes you can make with your mountains of zucchini, yellow squash, and tomatoes. Employee Wellness will show you how to cook 3-4 meals and will provide samples.





Random Acts Of Kindness

October Monthly Challenge

Helping a neighbor, volunteering, or donating goods results in a “helper’s high”, this can achieve the same health benefits that you would experience from exercise or stop smoking. The most powerful way to increase your short-term feelings of happiness and keep that “helper’s high” is by performing random acts of kindness to others. By doing five random acts of kindness in a month, you can increase your happiness for up to three months.

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Health Improvement Classes

TRAINING TRACKER 810-10, 810-11

Cholesterol 101: Was your cholesterol elevated during your last Blood Lipid Screening? This class will provide you with the latest research on lowering your cholesterol numbers through diet, exercise and stress management.

Blood Pressure 101: Elevate blood pressure can lead to a myriad of health conditions if not properly managed. If managed early, many participants may be able to avoid blood pressure reducing medications.

Program Information Classes

TRAINING TRACKER 800-13, 800-12

Employee Wellness 101: This class will walk you through the various programs that make up the WSU Employee Wellness Program. Topics covered include Wellness Pays (Bonus and Rewards), registering for incentives and classes, and the Employee Wellness application on the eWeber Portal.

PEHP Wellness 101: This class will cover how to log into the PEHP website, complete the steps for your rebate, and inform you about the many other programs offered by Healthy Utah and PEHP Wellness

Fitness Related Classes

TRAINING TRACKER 810-07, 810-08, 810-15

Gym Orientations: These one-hour classes will demonstrate how to use the machine weights, free weights and cardio equipment on the north side of the court in the Wildcat Arena. You will also learn how to determine your one rep max and how to use this number to develop a strength training program. Please come dressed to exercise!

Fitness Self Assessment: Learn how to conduct your own fitness assessment! During this one hour class, you will learn the proper way to test a one-mile run, mile and a half walk, push ups, crunches and flexibility. You will also be shown how to complete the required documentation to claim your $20 reward. Please come dressed to exercise!

Medical Self Care


Take this one-hour class and learn how to treat illnesses at home and know when a visit to a healthcare provider is truly necessary—helping you save time and money! This class covers acute illness and chronic conditions, and additional PEHP benefits.

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Lunch and Learn: Holiday Savings


It's that time again: Holiday Shopping! Have you set aside enough money to purchase all the things you would like to? Join Employee Wellness for this month's Lunch and Learn presentation and learn small steps that you can take to secure extra funds this holiday season.

Information provided during this presentation will assist with completing the November Monthly Challenge.

Please feel welcome to eat your lunch during this presentation.

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October Webinar: Cancer Prevention and You

Live September 1 or Watch Anytime

Some cancers can be found early when they are most likely to be curable. Find out what screenings the American Cancer Society recommends and when you should have them.

Topics discussed in this webinar: -Various screenings and their benefits -American Cancer Society programs and services -Why you should get screened and your children vaccinated

PEHP?Wellness webinars are the perfect way to get connected with a variety of health and wellness information. You can view the webinar live, or watch the recording at a later time. This is a great way to work towards a Wellness Pays Rewards submission if you are unable to attend an Employee Wellness Lunch and Learn presentation!

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Lighten Up

October 2 - November 20

Want to learn key concepts that empower you to choose foods both nourishing and satisfying? Interested in learning tools to help you maintain a life-long healthy weight? Register for our 8-week educational series and Lighten Up!

Weekly topics include: Nutrition Basics, Healthy Cooking and Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping Basics, Dining Out and Sensible Snacking, Behavior Change, Physical Activity, Emotional Eating, and The Weight Loss Plateau, Roadblocks, and Speed Bumps

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Davis Campus Traveling Assessments

October 4, November 1

Complete your blood lipid screening at Weber State Davis to qualify for Wellness Pays, the PEHP Healthy Utah incentive and Released Wellness Time. Employees and spouses can register using the link below. It is recommended that you complete your Health Risk Assessment before your appointment.

Employee Wellness will be at the Davis Campus the first Wednesday of every month. Not only will we be conducting blood lipid screenings, we will also offer Improvement Classes and Lunch and Learn Presentations.

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