Section 5 - Business Affairs

5-1 Business Affairs

5-2 Financial Information

5-3 Receipt and Deposit of Funds

5-3a Accounts Receivable

5-4 Establishment of Accounts and Receipt of Funds

5-4a Contract Disbursing Officers

5-4b Authorized Signatures on Financial Documents

5-4c Financial Institutions

5-4d Contracts

5-5 Tuition, Student Fees & Course Fees

5-7 Budget

5-9 Reserve Fund

5-10 Audits

5-10a Internal Audit

5-10b External Audit

5-10c Audit Committee

5-11 Reimbursement for Petty Cash Purchases

5-11a Change Funds

5-13 University Faculty Profit-Making Corporations

5-14 Investment of Public Funds

5-14a Use of Discretionary Funds

5-15 Use of University Name, Logo, Seal, Emblem, System and/or Trademark

5-16 Collection of Library Fine

5-17 Disclosure Policy

5-18 Patents Policy

5-19 Lost and Found

5-20 Security Camera Policy

5-21 Use of University Property


University Procurement

5-25 University Procurement/Table of Contents

5-25a University Procurement/General

5-25b Requisition Preparation and Processing

5-25c Small Purchases and Emergency Procurement

5-25d Restricted Purchases and Special Procurement

5-25e Solicitation of Bids, Proposals and the Award of Procurement Contracts

5-25f Lease or Rental of Property for University Use

5-25g Receiving

5-25h Procurement from Vendor in Which University Employee Has an Interest

5-25i Purchasing Cards

5-25j Awards, Expressions of Sympathy, Food, Gifts & Flowers

5-26 Stores

5-27 Surplus Property

5-28 Fixed Asset Accounting

5-30 Mail Services

5-30a Food Services

Transportation and Motor Pool

5-31 Driver License Requirements

5-32 Travel

5-33 Vehicle Fleet

Campus Security

5-34 Vehicle Registration and Parking

5-35 Prohibition of Weapons on Campus

5-35a Firearms on Campus

5-36 Safety, Response, and Reporting Policy

Plant Operations

5-37 Minors on Campus

5-38 Use of Facilities for Events

5-39 Use of Facilities for Expressive Activities

5-40 Building Space Allocation and Assignment

5-41 Copyright Policy: Ownership

5-42 Copyright Policy: Copying of Copyrighted Works

5-43 Performance or Display of Copyrighted Works

5-44 Lock and Key Policy

5-44a Electronic Access Policy

5-45 Facilities Management

5-46 Campus Walkway Safety

5-47 Bicycle Use on Campus

5-48 Smoke Free Zones

5-49 Idle Free Zone

5-50 Animals on Campus