Use of University Name, Logo, Seal, Emblem, Symbol and/or Trademark

No. 5-15     Rev.       Date 7-9-80       


A. The title "Weber State University," in whole or in part, and the official seal, logo, emblem, symbol and trademark associated with the University shall be considered legal property of the University and the use of such for any purpose, including but not limited to promotions, advertising, product marketing, etc. are prohibited without prior approval by the Weber State University Office of University Relations.

B. When authorized approval is obtained for the use of the name, logo, seal, emblem, symbol or trademark associated with the University, the lettering style and reproduction of the seal, logo, etc. must be exactly duplicated from copy approved or prepared by the Office of University Relations in order to insure quality and uniformity.

C. Official departments and subdivisions of the University are authorized to use the University name, seal, logo, emblem, symbol or trademark in their usual course of business.

D. No department or subdivision shall use or design a seal, logo, emblem, symbol or trademark in the course of its business other than the official seal, logo, emblem, symbol or trademark of the University, which shall be standard for all University administrative units.