Electronic Access Policy

No. 5-44A    Rev. 08-14-07       Date: 9-14-99    

I. INTRODUCTION   The objective of this policy is to provide a reasonable level of security for the University and, at the same time, allow as much freedom of access as possible to the campus community  


A. Access Appeals Committee:  Standing committee convened to adjudicate disputes regarding access policies and procedures.  Membership will be comprised of the following six members:  Vice President for Administrative Services or designee as Chair, University Locksmith, one Administrator, two faculty members, and one staff member.

B.  Central Access Manager (CAM):  Person responsible for the central control and administration of the Electronic Access Control System.  The CAM position will be filled by the Facilities Management (FM) Systems Support Manager.

C.  Area Access Manager (AAM):  Person responsible for administering electronic access rights to approved cardholders in specific areas.  The AAM position will be determined by the appropriate Vice President or Dean.

D.  Facilities Management Access Manager:  Person responsible for maintaining, assigning, and removing access levels for building entrances and area-specific interior doors as directed from the Access Request Work Flow process.  Also responsible for managing established Timezone sequences.

E.  Electronic Access:  Any access rights that are granted through the use of Weber State University Wildcard credentials and administered through the Central Electronic Access Control System.

F.  Access Level:  Any combination of reader(s).  Access Levels will be determined by Central Access Manager.

G.  Audit Trail History:  Reports obtained from the Central Electronic Access Control System software detailing system usage.

H.  Other Personnel:  All Non-WSU personnel including contractors, consultants, visitors, etc.

I.  WSU Personnel:  All WSU employees, WSU students, and persons having official assignments with the University.


This policy is applicable to all Weber State University facilities, including facilities owned, leased, or controlled exclusively by Weber State University.



1.  Requests for electronic access will require approval by one or more of the following:  Department Head, Supervisor, Dean, and Vice President.

2.  No person may authorize issuance of his/her own access privileges.


All access requests will be granted by the appropriate Area Access Manager when a completed Electronic Access Request From is received and approved by the Appropriate authorized authority.  Electronic Access Requests will be submitted through the faculty/staff portal using the Access Request Work Flow process.


1.  AAM software access will be granted by the CAM after the designee has received the required training from the CAM.

2.  Electronic Access Cards (Wildcard) shall be used only by the individual to whom the card is issued.

a.  Electronic access cards (Wildcard) shall be used only by the individual to whom the card is issued.

b.  Duplication of cards other than by the Wildcard Office is prohibited.  Any person who knowingly makes or duplicates a University card in any manner not authorized by this policy is subject to disciplinary action by the University, pursuant to established procedures and/or prosecution in accordance with 1953 Utah Code Annotated, Section 63-9-22 misdemeanor).

c.  Persons to whom cards are issued shall use the cards only in accordance with Weber State University policy.

3.  Electronic Access Termination

a.  Employee:  When an employee's need for access no longer exists, whether as a result of termination of employment, change of department/responsibility, or other reason, it is the responsibility of the employee's supervisor to notify the Facilities Management Business Office, (801) 626-6331, and the Area Access Manager so that electronic access may be terminated.  Failure to do so is a violation of this policy.

b.  Student:  Electronic access will be renewed each semester.

c.  Non-WSU Personnel:  Electronic access will be terminated upon completion of the specified and agreed upon length of time requested for access on the original electronic access request.

d.  WSU reserves the right to terminate access at any time the University deems appropriate.

e.  Card does not need to be returned upon leaving the University.

4.  Electronic Access Card Transfer

Transfer of electronic access cards directly from one person to another is prohibited.

5.  Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards

Cards that are lost or stolen must be reported immediately to the Facilities Management Business Office, (801) 626-6331, so electronic access via the lost or stolen card can be disabled.  Lost, stolen, or damaged cards may be replaced at the Wildcard Office upon payment of the replacement card fee.

6.  Fees

Fees for new or replacement Wildcards will be determined by the current Wildcard Policy.  Fees are levied to cover the cost of card and software licensing.


Any repair or replacement of University electronic door locks will be performed by the University Locksmith.  Any repair or replacement of electronic door locks undertaken by an outside contractor must have the prior approval of the University Locksmith.  All changes will follow the University guidelines.  (For a copy of these guidelines, contact the FM Business Office.)


Any fees associated with this policy may be appealed within thirty (30) days of their being assessed.  Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Access Appeals Committee through the FM Business Office.  The Access Appeals Committee may conduct a hearing and has the authority to adjust fees.


1.  Written requests for Audit Trail Reports may be submitted to the FM Business Office.

2.  Audit Trail Reports may be viewed for official use only.  The following people may request Audit Trail Reports:  Central Access Manager, Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Heads or equivalent, and Weber State University law enforcement personnel.