No. 5-35a     Rev.      Date 08-10-10      



I.    Purpose

To set forth the University's Policy on firearms on campus and to provide that violation of this Policy subjects faculty, staff and students to internal University disciplinary processes.

II.    Policy

Weber State University enforces state law regulating firearms on campus.  This enforcement occurs in two ways.  First, University policy will investigate and take appropriate action, up to and including, referral for criminal prosecution when violations occur.  Second, the University will consider any violation of state law regulating firearms to be a violation of University Policy.  Accordingly, such a violation is subject to disciplinary action under University disciplinary policies applicable to faculty, students, and staff.

III.    References

State Law

76-10-500    Uniform Law (Right to bear arms in Utah)

76-10-501    Definitions.

76-10-505.5   Possession of a dangerous weapon, firearm, or sawed off shotgun on or about school premises - Penalties.

76-3-203.2    Definitions - Use of dangerous weapon in offenses committed on or about school premises - Enhanced penalties.


53-5-704    Division duties -- Permit to carry concealed firearm -- Certification for concealed firearms instructor -- Requirements for issuance -- Violation -- Denial, suspension, or revocation -- Appeal Procedure.

53-5-705    Temporary permit to carry concealed firearm - Denial, suspension, or revocation - Appeal.

76-10-511    Possession of loaded weapon at residence authorized.

76-10-523    Persons exempt from weapons laws.

Weber State University Policies

PPM 3-33    Discipline (Staff Employees)

PPM 6-22    Student Code

PPM    Section XI Academic Freedom, Rights, Responsibilities and Due Process

PPM 9-20    Security at Weber State University Hearings.