No. 5-25g     Rev. 10-14-97      Date 2-23-83     


To outline procedures and responsibilities for the receipt of materials and supplies and processing of damage and other contractual claims arising from purchasing transactions.


A. The Receiving Department is responsible for the receipt and distribution of all materials ordered for delivery through central receiving.

B. After receiving and inspecting purchased materials, the Receiving Department will transport such items to the appropriate delivery point and obtain appropriate signatures.

C. The Receiving Department will inspect all shipments for obvious damage, irregularities or other discrepancies. However, the requisitioning department is ultimately responsible for the acceptance of the merchandise and should take the following steps upon discovery of any damages, irregularities, non-conformity with specifications or other discrepancies.

1. Notification of damage should be given immediately to the Receiving Department with the following information:

a. Vendor name and purchase order number

b. Date received

c. Item or items damaged or affected by discrepancies, irregularities or non-conformity with specifications together with a detailed description thereof

d. Condition of parcel upon receipt

e. Location of parcel

2. Departments must report any damaged shipment to the Receiving Department not more than 10 (ten) days after receipt of the shipment to allow time for the preparation and filing of a claim.

3. All damaged materials should be preserved in the condition in which received and must be kept in the original shipping containers until instructions for disposal are received from the Receiving Department.

D. It is the responsibility of the Receiving Department to arrange the filing of all claims for damaged materials.

E. The return of any supplies or materials to the vendor, whether due to damage, misshipment or other reasons, should be arranged through the Receiving Department.