Mail Service

No. 5-30    Rev.   2-2-88    Date 8-17-77      





The Mail Service is established to distribute incoming mail, collect and process outgoing mail and collect and distribute interdepartmental mail. The handling of personal mail is done as a convenience by Mail Service. Mail Service is not a branch of the U.S. Post Office. The U.S. Postal Service considers incoming mail to have been delivered to the addressee when it is delivered to Mail Service, and outgoing mail becomes U.S. Mail upon delivery by Mail Service to the U.S. Post Office. Mail Service may provide other services for the convenience of students, faculty and staff to the extent that they can be performed without additional material cost, obligation or responsibility to the University.


A. Off-Campus Mail

1. Due to the nature of mail-handling equipment, envelopes should not be sealed. Exceptions include the following:

a. Envelopes containing checks

b. Envelopes larger than letter size will be closed and sealed

c. Other sealed envelopes may be challenged by the mail clerks unless an explanation is attached

2. University envelopes only will be allowed to pass through the postage meter.

3. All University envelopes and letterhead will indicate the department mail code as part of the zip code.

4. The University heading on the envelopes shall not be covered or crossed out.

5. A return address other than that of the University will not be accepted.

6. University envelopes will not be used for personal mail.

7. University envelopes will not be affixed with U.S. postage.

8. All mail referred to in items 5-7 above will be sent to the responsible supervisor/administrator for appropriate action.

B. Bulk Mailings

Weber State University has a special, non-profit mailing permit which allows departments to send large mailings at a lower rate. Only operating units of the University will be allowed to use the University's bulk mail permit.


C. Campus Mail

Where appropriate, campus mail should be put in standard campus mail envelopes or clearly identified. Campus mailings exceeding 50 pieces must be sorted by mail codes. Bulk memos, flyers and handouts being distributed to faculty, staff and departments must be University business and not addressed to individuals.

D. Private and Personal Mail

All personal mail must be sealed and the proper postage affixed.

E. Charges and Billing

Each department is charged for postage by mail code. Charges are billed through the FRS system the first of each month.

F. Personnel and Department Changes

To implement any changes, additions, deletions or transfers of personnel, a memo signed and dated indicating the change must be sent to the supervisor of the Mail Service.

G. Cash Transactions

Stamps may be purchased only at the window of the Mail Service. Money is not to be affixed to personal mail. Petty cash slips will not be accepted for postage. Personal checks cannot be accepted at the Mail Service.


Please obtain a copy of the current Weber State University Mail Service Procedures Booklet from the Mail Service.