Small Purchases and Emergency Procurement

No. 5-25c     Rev. 03-30-09       Date 2-23-83       





To establish policy for small purchases and for handling procurement requirements in emergency conditions.


1953 Utah Code Annotated SS63-56-22
PPM 5-25a, University Procurement
Appendix I - Small Purchases


A. Small Purchase

The procurement of supplies or services as defined in Appendix I.

B. Emergency

A condition that threatens public health, welfare or safety, arising from natural forces (e.g. fire, wind, flood, storm, earthquake, epidemic or other natural disasters); from riot, unlawful assembly or mob violence; or from hostile acts of a public enemy.

C. Petty Cash

The procurement of supplies or services made with personal funds as defined in PPM 5-11, Schedule I.


A. Small Purchases

1. Informal Procurement

Small purchases of goods, services and construction may be effected by the Purchasing Department on an informal basis, using either written or oral bids, or without bidding, when determined appropriate by the Director of Purchasing or his/her designee.

2. Splitting of Purchases Is a Violation of State Statute

Procurement requirements may not be artificially divided among two or more small purchase orders in order to avoid normal bidding procedures.

B. Emergency Procurement

Emergency purchases shall be limited to only such items necessary to address the emergency condition. A written determination stating the basis of the emergency procurement may be required by the Director of Purchasing to be attached to the requisition.  







1. Small Purchases (non-construction less than $20,000 and construction less than $30,000). The Director of Purchasing shall adopt operational procedures for the procurement of small purchases. Such operational procedures shall provide for obtaining adequate and reasonable competition, properly accounting for funds to facilitate auditing, and for timely procurement of low cost items.

2. Small Purchases of Services of Professionals, Providers, and Consultants.

a. If the expected cost for services of professionals, providers and consultants is less than $20,000 or $30,000 in the case of construction; the operational procedures referenced above will be used.

b. For Architect-Engineer Services see PPM 25e, Appendix I..

3. Purchases less than $1,500 using the university purchasing card. Computers may not be purchased with purchasing cards.