Idle Free Zones

No. 5-49.     Rev.       Date 3-19-13       



3.33            Discipline

6.22            Student Code

Section 9   Academic Freedom, Rights, Responsibilities and Due Process



This policy is established to govern the idling of vehicles on the WSU campuses. The policy is designed to help improve air quality on campus and along the Wasatch Front. Air pollution presents a serious threat to human health along the Wasatch Front, which frequently has the worst air quality in the nation. Eliminating idling will help reduce pollutants emitted into the atmosphere and can also incentivize students to exit their vehicles, remain more active, and contribute more to the quality of campus life.



A. Idling is defined as having the engine running while the vehicle is parked or stationary.

Idling of vehicles for more than two minutes is prohibited at all WSU campuses. Exceptions are made for emergency vehicles, including police, fire, and ambulances, and for vehicles stopped in traffic or for traffic control devices.

B. An unattended vehicle left idling is a clear violation of this policy and may be subject to university sanctions.



A. Through education and signage the university hopes to achieve self-compliance.

B. The use of environmental ambassadors and parking services personnel would be the second level of enforcement.

C. Reporting violations of the policy to Deans and supervisors would be the preferred third level of enforcement.

D. Persons who continue to violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action.



A. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action. Any individual who violates this policy may be asked to leave the campus or University activity, and/or may be escorted from the campus or University activity. Any sanction recommended, pursuant to this policy, will be made to the appropriate body for handling disciplinary actions against the individual accused of violating this policy. Students, faculty and staff will have due process rights as outlined in PPMs 3-33, Discipline (Staff Employees), 6-22, Student Code, and Section 9, Academic Freedom, Rights, Responsibilities and Due Process, as applicable.