Vehicle Registration and Parking

No. 5-34     Rev. 6-11-80       Date 8-17-77      


A. All persons driving their personal vehicles to the campus and using University parking areas are required to comply with the campus parking rules and regulations. A copy of the rules and regulations is available at the Campus Police Office.

B. All University parking regulations and fees shall be regulated by the Campus Parking Committee subject to approval by the President's Council and the Board of Trustees.

C. Ownership of parking decals is not transferable.

D. Parking decals are required for motor vehicles parked in the "A," "B" or "C" parking areas. Motorcycles are not required to display a permit, but must park in designated motorcycle areas. Vehicles without a valid permit may park in the designated "No Permit Required" area or may park at a meter by paying the required fee.

E. Weber State police officers are empowered by state statutes to investigate and enforce all violations of criminal statutes occurring on the campus. This authorization also includes the enforcement of rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Trustees governing parking and traffic violations.

F. All persons are required to pay for citations issued; however, all have the right to appeal citations before the Campus Parking Committee.

G. The University may deduct fines for unpaid citations from an employee's paycheck and may withhold the students' transcripts, awarding of degrees, certificates, etc. and permission to register.

H. Failure on the part of persons to comply with campus traffic regulations can result in the towing away of an automobile at the owner's expense.