PPM 5-34, Vehicle Registration and Parking

Responsible Office: Parking Services


1.1     This policy describes the rules for traffic and parking in University parking areas. Authority is delegated by the Board of Higher Education under Policy R220, as such delegation is permitted under Utah Code Ann. § 53B-3-103. 

2.0  SCOPE

2.1     The policy applies to the traffic and parking of all motor vehicles in University owned or controlled parking areas.


3.1     Parking and Traffic Handbook
3.2     PPM 1-10, Administrative Standing Committees
3.3     Board of Higher Education Policy R220, Delegation of Responsibilities to the President and Board of Trustees
3.5     Utah Code Ann.  § 53B-3-103
3.6     Utah Code Ann.  § 53B-3-104


4.1     Motor Vehicle - any self-propelled motorized conveyance used primarily for transporting personnel and/or goods, including, but not limited to, cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, recreational vehicles, and golf carts.

4.2     Motorcycle - A two- or three-wheeled self-propelled motorized conveyance used primarily for transorting personnel and/or goods.

4.3      Non-Permit Parking - Parking zones that do not require permits, but may include metered spaces, spaces requiring payment by software applications, paid public lots, and other non-permit parking zones.

4.4.     Parking and Traffic Handbook - The handbook that implements parking and traffic rules under this policy.

4.5      Permit Parking - Areas on campus that require a permit in order for the votor vehicle to park in the space.

5.0   POLICY

5.1     The Vice President for Administrative Services shall create a University Parking Committee.  This committee shall be responsible for:

5.1.1   Creating and updating parking and traffic rules;

5.1.2   Setting fees for violation of such rules;

5.1.3    Documenting the parking and traffic rules and fees in the Parking and Traffic Handbook; and

5.1.4   Performing other responsibilities as directed by the Vice President for Administrative Services.

5.2     Parking and Traffic Handbook - All persons desiring to park motor vehicles on University owned or controlled property must abide by the Parking and Traffic Handbook. The Parking and Traffic Handbook is subject to review and approval by the President. Parking Services will post the Parking and Traffic Handbook online and keep a physical copy of the handbook at its office for public inspection during normal business hours. 

5.3     Enforcement - Parking Service is responsible for implementing and enforcing parking and traffic rules.  University police officers are also empowered by the state statute to enforce parking and traffic rules. Parking Services may designate periods of time when it will not enforce certain rules (e.g. enforcement of parking from 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. , etc.)

5.4      Permit Parking

5.4.1   To park in Permit Parking zones, a person must follow the rules to obtain a permit described in the Parking and Traffic Handbook. This may involve registering the license plate(s) of their motor vehicle(s) and paying a fee.  The Parking and Traffic Handbook may specify different types of permits and different rules for each permit. For  example, permits may:   Be for different periods of time (e.g. daily, annual, non-expiring, etc.);   Have different fees based on the type of permit;   Be restricted based on the status of the individual as a student, employee, contractor, etc.); and   Allow permit holders to park in specific parking zones.

5.4.2   Vehicles parking in Permit Parking zones must be parked in locations designated as legal parking spaces, with the license plate affixed and clearly visible from the roadway or lane of travel. If a physical permit is distributed, it must be properly displayed and clearly visible from the front windshield.  

5.5     Non-Permit Parking - To park in Non-Permit Parking zones, a person must follow the rules described in the Parking and Traffic Handbook. To park in metered stalls and pay lots, a person must pay the required fee regardless of whether the motor vehicle is associated with a valid parking permit. 

5.6      Motorcycles - To park a motorcycle in a designated motorcycle area, a person is not required to have a permit or pay a fee. To park a motorcycle in Non-Permit Parking and Permit Parking, a person must follow the rules described in the Parking and Traffic Handbook.

5.7      Non-Compliance

5.7.1   Failure on the part of persons to comply with campus traffic and parking regulations can result in   citation;   fine;   the motor vehicle being immobilized or towed at the registered owner's expense; and/or   revocation of parking privileges.     

5.7.2   The registered owner of the motor vehicle is responsible for paying for any citations. All persons are required to pay for citations issued; however, all have the right to appeal citations in accordance with the Parking and Traffic Handbook.

5.7.3   In accordance with applicable law, the University may deduct fines for unpaid citations from an employee's      paycheck and may withhold the students' transcripts, awarding of degrees, certificates, etc. and permission to register. 

Revision History  

Creation Date: 08-17-77

Amended: 11-19-19