No. 5-7     Rev. 11-6-96      Date 8-17-77     






A. Responsibility

1. The president of the University is responsible for the preparation each fiscal year of a budget of estimated income and expenditures for the University on such forms and in the manner prescribed by the commissioner of the Utah System of Higher Education.

2. The president will prescribe procedures for submitting the budget in conformance with regulations of the Utah State Board of Regents.

3. The president shall take whatever action is necessary during the fiscal year to keep expenditures and obligations within the budgeted income.

B. Authority

The dean, director or other administrator at a level equivalent to dean will have full authority, within the guidelines established for each budget year by the president, over funds allocated according to the criteria for the basic budget to the college or other unit. This includes authority for setting the budget up within the encompassed categories, transfer during the year and carry over to the ensuing year subject to an announced notification deadline.