Authorized Signatures on Financial Documents

No. 5-4b     Rev. 11-6-96       Date 6-11-80    



PPM 5-4a, Contract and/or Disbursing Officers


A. Authorized Signature

The actual signature of the responsible individual authorized to sign University financial documents as outlined in this policy. A rubber- stamped signature is not acceptable on financial documents. Engraved plates authorized by the president are acceptable.

B. Authorized Alternate Signature

The actual signature of the individual designated by the principal investigator, department chair, director, dean, provost or vice president to act on the individual's behalf in matters requiring signatures on University financial documents as outlined in this policy. The individual designated as an authorized alternate will sign his or her own name and not the name of the higher supervisory officer who made the designation or of any other person.

C. Financial Documents

Documents used by the University to facilitate the orderly administration of its financial affairs, including documents of authorization and requests relating to University bank accounts, payrolls, requisitions and purchase orders, travel authorizations and expense reimbursements, petty cash, journal entries, fund transfers and other documents described in this policy.


A. In all University departments, the originator of a financial document will be required to obtain authorized signatures on the documents. The purchasing, payroll, accounts payable, and restricted accounting departments will assure compliance to University policies by testing for proper signatures as well as checking as to the availability of the funds requested in duly authorized budgets. All documents which are improperly signed will be returned to the initiating department. The document may be resubmitted when all proper signatures have been obtained.

B. Financial documents by which an individual requests payment to self for services rendered or for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses will require the approval of the next higher supervisory officer, which may be a principal investigator, department chair, dean, provost, vice president or the president. Requests by the president shall be signed by the Administrative Services Vice President.

C. The financial documents employed by the University, other than bank accounts, are listed below by expense classification, together with the position titles of the persons generally authorized to sign under each classification and any required approval signatures.

1. Personal Services

Payroll Forms Department chair, principal investigator and dean, director, vice president or president

Note: Two signatures are required on all payroll forms and approval may not be delegated to authorized alternates.

Hourly & Workstudy Department chair, director, dean,

Time and Attendance principal investigator or authorized alternate

Salary Time and Department chair, director, dean,

Attendance Reports principal investigator or authorized alternate

2. Non-Personal Services

Purchase Orders Purchasing agent or his/her authorized alternate

Requisitions Department chair, director, dean, principal investigator or authorized alternate.

3. Travel

Travel Request Department chair, director or dean and traveler (and/or his/her immediate supervisor)

Expenditure Claimant and the department chair,

Reimbursement director or dean



Actual Expense in Claimant and the department chair,

Lieu of Per Diem director or dean

4. Petty Cash

New Funds Petty cash custodian and department chair or director

Reimbursements Petty cash custodian

5. Internal Fund Department chair and, unless delegated,

Transfers the director or dean and the controller