Vehicle Fleet

No. 5-33     Rev. 2-11-03       Date 8-17-77      






  • Vehicle Fleet - any and all vehicles owned and/or under control of Weber State University or its various departments.
  • Motor Pool - an auxiliary department which rents vehicles to Weber State University departments.



  • PPM 5-32, Travel
  • PPM 5-31, Drivers License Requirements


A. The Vehicle Fleet at Weber State University is established to promote the overall educational program and to facilitate necessary travel of faculty, students and staff.

B. The legitimacy of and need for vehicle fleet travel, either in-state or out-of-state, shall be the responsibility of department chairs and their supervising executives. Appropriate approvals will be required on all travel requests.

C. The Motor Pool shall exist as a self-supporting service function.

D. Weber State University employees are encouraged to use fleet vehicles in preference to personal cars when on University activities.


A. Restrictions

1. Fleet vehicles are to be used for official University business only. Unless approved by supervising vice president vehicles are not to be used for transportation between campus and an individual's residence.

2. University vehicle users must strictly observe applicable traffic laws, including the use of seat belts.  No vehicle shall exceed the posted speed limit.

3. The consumption of alcoholic beverages in a University-owned vehicle and the operation of a University-owned vehicle after the consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of illegal drugs as defined by state law are strictly prohibited. The violation of this policy by faculty or staff members will result in immediate disciplinary action which could include termination of employment. Disciplinary action for students will be referred to the dean of students' office.

4. Whenever possible and appropriate, car pooling is encouraged in the use of fleet and motor pool vehicles.

5. When using motor pool vehicles, users must not transfer keys to another user. Each assignment of keys must be cleared and made through the Motor Pool office.

6. Motor Pool vehicles must be returned at the appointed time to prevent inconvenience to the next user and must not be parked at an individual's home overnight.

7. All drivers of fleet vehicles must have a valid drivers' license, and complete WSU Defensive Driver Training.

8. Reservations for motor pool vehicles will be held only one hour past the time scheduled for vehicle pick up.

9. Drivers of 12-passenger vans must qualify for and receive required van driver training or possess a valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

a. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age.

b. Drivers must not have received any moving violation citation within the 12 months immediately preceding the date which they will drive.

c. Drivers must, before the trip:

1) Have experience operating the type of vehicle they intend to drive (including driving while pulling a trailer, if they will be pulling a trailer during the trip);

2) Become familiar with the instrument panel and controls of the van they will drive, including:

a. Light and windshield wiper controls

b. Cruise control, including how to operate it under all driving conditions;

c. Heater, defroster and other climate controls which may be needed during the trip.

B. Accountability

1. Vehicle users are responsible for the following:

a. Damage caused as a result of negligence or unauthorized use

b. Damage caused by unnecessary abuse of the vehicle

c. The replacement of missing equipment or tools

2. Drivers of 12-passenger vans must ensure adequate travel time, driver coverage, and compliance with driver restrictions as noted below:

a. Total driving time per van must not exceed 12 hours per day.

b. Vans may not be operated between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., except:

1) When a trip is solely to return to a home base AND

2) Travel time is less than four (4) hours duration.

c. There must be more than one qualified driver for trips which exceed four (4 hours.

1) No driver should operate the van for more than four consecutive hours.

2) A driver who has operated the van for four (4) hours must be relieved of driving duties for at least two hours before driving again.

3) The university strongly suggests drivers stop frequently for rest breaks.

4) During trips longer than four (4) hours, the university recommends drivers rotate van operation duties every two hours.

d. Vans must not be operated at speeds which exceed posted speed limits.

e. Weather conditions must be reviewed prior to the trip.  (Travel plans should allow for emergency stop-overs and associated expenses due to bad weather.)

3. Reports of fleet abuse shall be referred to the Motor Pool manager. The manager will make a preliminary appraisal of the problem. Where findings substantiate abuse, such findings will be reported to the appropriate supervisor who will work through the department chair to begin disciplinary action.

4. Disciplinary action may include suspension of driving privileges of fleet and/or motor pool vehicles for the offending driver plus a charge to the department and/or user for repair of damage to the motor pool vehicle.

5. The University is not responsible for traffic violations received by drivers of Vehicle Fleet vehicles. Persons receiving traffic violations must personally pay for their own traffic fines.

6. All vehicle accidents involving University vehicles occurring on campus must be reported to the campus police immediately. Off-campus accidents involving University vehicles must be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Both types of accidents must also be reported immediately to the Director of Public Safety for insurance purposes.


A. Arrangements to secure a Motor Pool vehicle may be made by calling or by visiting the Motor Pool office. Vehicle reservations should be made far enough in advance to insure the availability of the vehicle. If the vehicle is to be driven 300 or more miles one way, an advance notice of two days will be necessary in order to make a special long-distance trip vehicle safety inspection.

1. On the date of use, a vehicle request form must be presented to the Motor Pool office. The request form must indicate the account number to which the charges are to be made and signed by the appropriate supervisor. Vice President, Dean, or Dean level drivers do not need supervisor approval. This request form, a visual verification of a current driver's license and verification of the successful completion of WSU Defensive Driver Training, will authorize motor pool personnel to release the keys for vehicle usage. Before departing the odometer reading must be recorded in the "on departure" space provided on the form.

2. When the trip is completed, the vehicle keys and request form with returning odometer reading must be returned to the Motor Pool Office immediately. The vehicle should be locked and left in the provided parking area.

3. Departmental charges for Motor Pool vehicles use will be entered into the central accounting system daily. Charges for long term rental or motor pool vehicles will be entered monthly.

4. See Schedule I for current motor pool vehicle charges.

B.  Drivers of 12-passenger vans must comply with the following passenger and equipment loading restrictions:

1. No more than a total of 12 individuals including the driver may be transported in 12-passenger vans.

2. All occupants must wear seat belts while the vehicle is moving.

3. Spare tires must be secured in the location specified by the van manufacturer.

4. All equipment must be properly secured inside the van.

5. No equipment is to be carried on the top of vans.





Reimbursement Rates



(Effective December 15, 1997)


Motor Pool Vehicle Rates:

  1. Sedans on permanent assignment $225/mo. + $.31/mi.
  2. Sedans $ 18/day or $.31/mi. whichever is greater
  3. $ 10/½ day
  4. Trucks, vans & 4-wheel drive $ 28/day or $.41/mi. whichever is greater
  5. $ 16/½ day

Failure to cancel or use a scheduled vehicle will result in a $14 charge to the scheduler's budget.