Restricted Purchases and Special Procurement

No. 5-25d     Rev. 10-14-03       Date 2-23-83       





To set forth University policies including prohibitions, special approvals, limitations and restrictions governing the procurement of supplies and services.


PPM 5-25a, University Procurement
PPM 5-25b, Requisition Preparation and Processing
PPM 5-25g, Receiving


A. Prohibited Acquisitions

1. The Purchasing Department will not make personal purchases for any employee or student.

2. With the exception of authorized holders of university purchasing cards, all University purchases must be made by authorized Purchasing Department personnel. Orders placed by employees or students directly with vendors will not be recognized as University obligations and responsibility for payment will be that of the individual who placed the order.

3. The use of University funds to acquire supplies or services for personal use is prohibited.

4. Alcoholic beverages shall not be acquired with state appropriated University funds.

B. Acquisitions That Require Special Approvals

1. Repairs to personal property damaged while its owner is engaged in University business may not be procured unless the requisition bears the authorizing signature/s. (See Section 5-4b)

2. Organizational or association memberships may be procured by either university purchasing cards or requisitions.  When by:

a.  Requisition, the backup and/or supporting documentation is to be signed by the immediate supervisor (department chair, dean or vice president). (See Section 5-25b IV C. 5)

b.  University purchasing card, the supervisor's signing of the cardholder's monthly statement will serve as approval for the membership.

3. Material for remodeling or renovation of buildings (including carpeting) requires approval of Facilities Management.

4. Coin-operated vending equipment requires approval of Student Life/Business Services.

5. Printing, Duplicating and Photocopying Equipment

Printing equipment may be acquired for use by departments only after coordinating with and evaluation by the Director of Printing Services.

C. Acquisitions Funded by Grants, Contracts and Other Fund Sources

Acquisitions funded by other than state appropriated monies shall be subject to the same purchasing policies and procedures as those funded by state appropriated funds.


D. Acquisitions Subject to Special Limitations or Procedures

1. Narcotics and Controlled Substances, Radioactive Materials and Radiation Generating Equipment, and Select Agents and Toxins

a.  Acquisitions of narcotic and controlled substances must be approved by the Radiation and Controlled Substances Compliance and Safety Committee. 

b.  Acquisitions of radioactive material require prior approval of the Radiation Safety Officer.

c.  Acquisitions of select agents and toxins require prior approval of the Bio Safety Committee.

d.  Requisitions for narcotics and controlled substances, radioactive materials and radiation generating equipment, and select agents and toxins must be initiated by the WSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety only.


2. Tax-free Alcohol

a. Tax-free alcohol must be obtained from Science Stores to be used only for:

(1) Preserving specimens

(2) Experimental, research and laboratory work for scientific purposes

(3) Preparation of laboratory solutions

b. The use of tax-free alcohol for purposes other than defined in paragraph (a) is prohibited and violation is subject to federal law.


3. Import Items

All matters pertaining to import items, customs, etc. will be handled by the Purchasing Department.


E. Acquisition of Government Property

1. Surplus University Property

Surplus University property is available through Property Control.

2. Property available through the Utah State Agency for Surplus Property (USASP)

a. USASP property is available for purchase by any University department.

b. The Purchasing Department maintains a list of authorized Weber State University representatives. Inclusion of any interested employee on this list is encouraged. A phone call to Purchasing will accomplish the addition of a name to the authorized list.

c. Property may be inspected at the USASP facility in Salt Lake City.

d. All property selected by authorized representatives will be picked up by a designated person.

e. A standard requisition form is required to facilitate payment of selected items. Requisitions must be sent to the Purchasing Department which will arrange for items to be picked up at the USASP facility.

3. Excess Federal Property

Excess federal government property may be available at little or no cost for use on federal government contracts or grants. Excess federal government property is normally obtainable at little or no cost other than transportation charges. A standard requisition is required to pay transportation costs. (See PPM 4-27)