Surplus Property

No. 5-27     Rev. 03-19-19       Date 8-17-77       




   To outline Weber State University policy for declaring property of the University "Surplus Property" and for disposal of property          when it has been so declared.


  • PPM 4-27, Property Acquired Through Government Grants or Contracts
  • PPM 5-28, Fixed Asset Accounting


     A. Property
         Equipment, material or supplies purchased with any funds administered by Weber State University, including property                         donated by individuals, corporations or government agencies.

     B. Surplus Property
         Property no longer useful to the department and/or the University.

     C. Redistribution

          The transfer of property from one department to another.

     A. Surplus property will be redistributed or disposed of in a manner to maximize return to Weber State University.

B.  A department may sell property to another department at a mutually agreed upon price by means of an interdepartmental         billing. Property Control must be notified of such transfers by the transferring department.

     Property surplus to a department's needs is declared surplus by the person responsible for the property. Any department           declaring surplus property must do so by notifying Property Control.

     Property Control will investigate possible redistribution of the declared surplus property to other potential campus users           and will retain the property for ten (10) days before the property is offered for public sale. In cases where redistribution to           another campus user takes place, Property Control will transfer the property and make appropriate entries in the fixed               asset system of the University.

     Property that cannot be redistributed to other campus users will be stored, sold or disposed of by Property Control to serve         the best interest of Weber State University in accordance with Utah State law. Property Control will be responsible for                 selling or disposing of all University surplus property. When requested, proceeds from the sale will be returned to the                 originating department if the sale is over $100 after full costs of disposal are recovered. Property Control can work                         cooperatively with a department to conduct a sale at the department site.

C.  Disposal of Weber State's surplus property must be through sealed bidding, public auction or at a fixed price determined by       Property Control (sold on a first come-first served basis). Selling prices may also be determined by the declaring department       in concert with Property Control. A minimum acceptable sale price may be established for surplus property.  Surplus                   property restricted by federal or State statute or regulation must be disposed of in accordance with the applicable legal               requirements.

D.  Upon request, Property Control will arrange for pick up of declared surplus property. Property Control cannot pick up                   property exceeding the weight and dimensions that two people can reasonably handle. Large items and hard-to-handle             materials may require special handling. When special arrangements must be made, Property Control will determine                   whether to dispose of said materials at the site or make special arrangements to deliver the materials to the Surplus                   Property Warehouse. Property Control will determine if additional help is needed from either Facilities Management or               outside movers. Any moving costs will be the responsibility of the selling department.

E.  All surplus property sold directly to departments or to the general public will be on an "AS IS" basis void of any warranties.

F.  Surplus property may also be contributed to other state, county, city or non-profit organizations. Transfer of such property          must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Financial Services and reported to Property Control.