Facilities Management

No. 5-45     Rev.       Date: 01-14-03       





To describe the management of facilities to ensure that Weber State University follows the state mandated maintenance standards.  Facilities Management, herein after referred to as FM. 


A.    PPM 5-25d, Restricted Purchases and Special Procurement

B.    PPM 5-25e, Solicitation of Bids, Proposals and the Award of Procurement Contracts, Appendix I.

C.    PPM 5-34a, Vehicle Traffic on Campus Sidewalks

D.    PPM 5-44, Lock and Key

E.    WSU Design and Construction Standards for Architects and Engineers

F.    Facilities Management Services document at www.weber.edu/fm


A.    Operations and Maintenance Services (O & M):  Services consist of legislatively funded work performed by FM to maintain and operate the university campus.

B.    Department Equipment:  Equipment acquired with departmental funds and not vital to the operation of building as a structure.

C.    Departmental Funded Services:  Services outside the scope of state funded O & M activities. 


A.    FM is mandated by the State of Utah to provide maintenance standards for state owned facilities and infrastructures in a manner that will maximize the usefulness and cost effectiveness of these facilities in enhancing the quality of Utah state employees, citizens, and visitors.

B.    FM reviews maintenance programs against these standards and reports the degree of compliance of each of the buildings to the legislature through the Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM).

C.    FM provides three general types of services:

1.    State Funded Services:  FM has responsibility for buildings that have received O & M funding for the delivery of normal services as required by the State Maintenance Standards.  These include the operation and maintenance of most campus buildings and utility systems, as well as, custodial services and upkeep of university grounds and roadways.  These services, as required by the State of Utah and consistent with the mission of FM, are the primary responsibility for the department and are of highest priority.

2.    Non-State Funded Services:  For a fee, FM can provide assistance to accomplish non-O & M activities.  This can include moving and other trade services to meet departmental needs.

3.    Construction and/or Remodel Services:  Requests for departmentally funded services for facility modifications require the submittal of a Remodeling Request Form.  All requests involving the construction or remodel of existing buildings, as well as new structures must be referred to FM.  Modifications made to any university facility without the written approval of FM will result in a thorough inspection of work with remediation performed as required.  The responsible department will pay for all inspections and necessary remedial actions.

D.    FM must approve modifications to existing facilities or systems.  All remodeling, installations, and upgrades shall be in compliance with the WSU Design and Construction Standards for Architects and Engineers, available in the Facilities Management offices.

E.    FM, by primary use of project managers, will assume the responsibility to coordinate, in advance and if applicable in writing, any work to interior or exterior facilities with the responsible building managers and/or appropriate stakeholders.  The Dean(s) of the building(s) in question will be provided copies of all correspondence.

F.    FM must approve in writing all access to roofs, tunnels, and mechanical rooms.  Only authorized personnel are permitted in these areas.

G.    FM must approve in writing all digging, excavation, filling, or paving on campus.  This requirement has been established to protect personnel and underground utilities.  Approval must be obtained at least 72 hours (not including weekends and holidays) before any such activity commences.  Call the FM Business Center at 626-6331.

H.    FM must approve in writing all departments and/or contractors requiring utility line connections (electricity, water, gas, sewer, etc.).  Approval must be obtained as least 72 hours (not including weekends or holidays) before the connection is to be made.  Call the FM Business Center at 626-6331.

I.    FM must approve in writing all exterior posting and painting of signs, notices, artwork, and posters so that damage to buildings and grounds may be minimized.  Approval must be obtained at least 72 hours (not including weekends and holidays) before any such activity commences.  Call the FM Business Center at 626-6331.

J.    FM assigns and manages room numbering.  A cohesive room numbering system is necessary for emergency and support personnel to provide effective service.

K.    Keys for door hardware, other than auxiliaries, are obtained from the FM Key Shop.  Under no circumstances shall departments, excluding auxiliaries, obtain keys from other sources.  More information can be found in PPM 5-44.