Accessible courses help students learn.

And we have a variety of tools to help you meet accessibility standards in Canvas.


Course Checklist

For general accessibility suggestions, download this handy accessibility checklist from the University of North Carolina Wilmington that covers web links, text, images, audio, and video.

Documents and Images in Canvas

When uploading documents into Canvas, a software called Blackboard Ally will automatically rate your documents to determine how well they meet accessibility standards.

You also have access to a Course Accessibility Report that shows you how accessible your course is overall. This quick guide explains how to find it and use it in your Canvas courses.

You can learn more about improving accessibility using Ally with our Blackboard Ally Training.

a presentation being created in PowerPoint

Canvas Content

When creating content in Canvas Pages and Assignments using the Rich Content Editor, you can use the built-in accessibility checker to identify ways to improve accessibility.

Video Content

When using videos in your Canvas course from online sources, choose videos with accurate closed captioning. If you create your own videos, there are multiple options to add closed captioning.

Free options (not 100% accurate but can self-correct)

Paid options

a video player on a web page

If you need help or have questions about accessibility in your Canvas course, contact WSU Online at 801-626-6188 or email