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Whether you're new or ready to breakthrough to level 42

We have eLearning for you

New to teaching online?

Start today with our self-paced online Canvas Training


Attend our in-person Canvas Training offered at the start of every semester

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1. Canvas Training

Start by learning how to use our learning management system Canvas.

Join our Self-Paced Online Canvas Training or attend our in-person Canvas Training.

2. Intro to eLearning

Next, learn the basics of effective online course design.

Join our self-paced online Introduction to eLearning Workshop. It features design examples from other WSU faculty and a textbook with proven strategies.

3. eLearning Certificate

Develop your instructional design skills while building parts of your course in our eLearning Certificate Program.

This two-semester hybrid program gives instructors an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to design or improve an existing online or hybrid course. It also features a certificate and stipend.

4. Full Course Review

Finish up by working with an instructional designer to review your online or hybrid course with our Best Practices Course Review.

Your course will be assessed in seven different areas and you'll have the chance to earn money for your efforts.