eLearning Certificate Program

Program Overview

The eLearning Certificate Program was developed to replace the Master Online Teaching Program (MOTC) and the Blended Learning Program (BLP) at Weber State University. The goal of the program is to assist professors interested in designing, or re-designing, an online or blended (hybrid) course. The eLearning Certificate Program provides opportunities for discussion, collaboration with peers, and hands-on learning in both face-to-face and online environments. The faculty selected for this program will learn valuable tools and concepts to increase the interactivity and pedagogical expertise of their courses. This program takes place during two semesters, with online 'prerequisite' activities in the summer, and blended classwork in the fall.

Program Requirements*

  1. Complete all course prerequisites prior to Fall Semester
  2. Attend and participate in all mandatory live sessions
  3. Complete all course assignments, with a final score of 90% or above
  4. Develop changes in at least 25% of a re-designed course
  5. Articulate the rationale for the design or re-design
  6. Present redesign to cohort

* A completion certificate and $500 stipend are awarded to participants upon completion of program requirements.

Application is now closed for Fall 2021. Applications will open again March 2022.


Program Outcomes

Identify best practices in online and blended (hybrid) education

Analyze tools that enhance blended teaching/learning and determine the pedagogical basis for the use of each in an online course

Define the basics of effective instructional design using our institutional learning management system

Design or improve an online/blended course based on evidence-based practices

Share with and learn from other members of the cohort