eLearning Certificate Program

Is this program right for you? 

  • Did you quickly move online during the pandemic and didn’t find it a very effective way to teach your course?
    (Check out "Emergency Remote Instruction Is Not Quality Online Learning" from Inside Higher Ed.) 
  • Have you adapted your face-to-face course to an online or hybrid course and think it could use some work?
  • Have you tried teaching online and didn’t love it?
  • Do you have a course you think would be great online, hybrid, or flipped design but aren’t sure how to go about it?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then the eLearning Certificate Program may be right for you!

Program Overview

The eLearning Certificate Program was developed to replace the Master Online Teaching Program (MOTC) and the Blended Learning Program (BLP) at Weber State University. The goal of the program is to assist professors interested in designing, or re-designing, an online or hybrid course. It's a 13 week hybrid program with opportunities for discussion, collaboration with peers, and hands-on learning. 

What you’ll get

  • Valuable tools and concepts to increase the interactivity and pedagogical expertise of your courses.
  • Customized instruction that has been adapted and tailored to fit the needs of WSU faculty.
  • Content created and delivered by WSU faculty with area expertise along with WSU Online designers.
  • One-on-one support from WSU Online Instructional Designers who have graduate degrees in the learning sciences.
  • A newly designed course to prove your skills.
  • A certificate of completion signed by the Provost.
  • $500 stipend for completing all program requirements.

Program Requirements

  1. Complete all course prerequisites prior to Fall Semester (Intro to eLearning course).
  2. Attend and participate in all mandatory live sessions.
  3. Complete all course assignments with a final score of 90% or above.
  4. Develop changes in at least 25% of a re-designed course.
  5. Articulate the rationale for the design or re-design.
  6. Present redesign to cohort.

How to get started

The Fall 2024 application is closed. The application will reopen in March 2025.

Program Outcomes

Identify best practices in online and hybrid education

Analyze tools that enhance hybrid teaching/learning and determine the pedagogical basis for the use of each in an online course

Define the basics of effective instructional design using our institutional learning management system

Design or improve an online/hybrid course based on evidence-based practices

Share with and learn from other members of the cohort

What are other faculty saying about the program?

"The certificate course created space for me to reflect on my practice and simultaneously provided ideas in each important area."

"It's the best training available to WSU instructors and should be mandatory."

"I use what I learned every day and I assist other faculty with their Canvas design questions."

"I loved the program and recommend it to everyone."