Instructional Design Services

Weber State’s Instructional Design (ID) team is an interdisciplinary group of education professionals dedicated to pedagogy, emerging technologies and the practice of teaching. Each year, the team helps hundreds of Weber State faculty improve their courses and get the most out of their teaching efforts.

Purple Level

Timeframe: 1 - 5 business days
Project Type: Simple additions or edits to online course content

Project Description Faculty Commitment
Pre-semester Online Course Check-up 1-2 hour meeting with Instructional Designer
Create or re-design a single discussion, assignment, or quiz with no multimedia 1 hour meeting with I.D.
Just-in-time training of a new learning application in Canvas 1 hour meeting with I.D.

Gold Level

Timeframe: 2 - 4 weeks
Project Type: Multiple edits or custom additions to a course

Project Description Faculty Commitment
Best Practices Course Review Self-evaluation using BPR document required prior to consultation. 1-2 hour meeting with assigned Instructional Designer. Send request to
Customize the visual elements of an individual course with the creation of images, video (under 5 min.), or text. 1-2 hour meeting with I.D. (please schedule an appointment, ext. 6188). NOTE: Instructor may need to provide images for the project that are free of copyright restrictions.
Rapid Course Development 3 or more design consultation meetings with I.D.

Platinum Level

Timeframe: 1 month or more
Project Type: Newly designed and developed content (team-based approach)

Due to limited staffing, Platinum level projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Director of eLearning for more information by sending an email to


Project Description Faculty Commitment
eLearning Authoring (custom interactive learning activity) Refer to the eLearning Authoring committment document for detailed information.
Design a new course or program High level of commitment expected from instructor(s). Regular meetings required. Funding for materials and/or resources may need to be provided by external resources.
Faculty research contributions (such as online course analysis for publication, conference presentation assistance, education applications test groups, large events, etc…) Weekly meetings with Instructional Designer. Instructional Designer and/or WSU Online listed as contributing author.