Introduction to e-learning

Introduction to eLearning


Learn the basics of effective online course design!

This fully online, self-paced course will introduce you to effective online design processes, common terminology, and examples of effective course designs to help you feel more confident in designing online/hybrid courses.

Workshop features:

  • A textbook with proven strategies
  • Examples from other WSU faculty
  • Canvas training
  • Information on instructional design services

This standalone training course also serves as the prerequisite for our eLearning Certificate Program.

This course is for WSU faculty and adjuncts. If you are part of the K-12 system, please visit

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What People Are Saying About Intro to eLearning

The course includes so much great information from all the Canvas support to the text Minds Online. The course was, obviously, well designed and easy to navigate.

Louise Moulding, Ph.D

M.Ed. Program Director, Professor/Research and Assessment

This is so good. The last time I took e-learning it was much more focused on the technology. This course took a much more holistic approach to centering pedagogical choices.

Leah A. Murray, Ph.D

Brady Presidential Distinguished Professor, Political Science and Philosophy

I think this course would really help many professors and instructors. Many of us have come from the private sector, and academia is not ingrained in our work habits. I can see several faults with my online instruction. This course will make me a better professor.

Victor Shane Clampitt, MSRS

Assistant Professor, School of Radiologic Sciences

I feel like I learned so much from this course about effective course design and how to best serve students in any kind of online format, whether that be fully online, hybrid, virtual, etc. I think anyone who uses Canvas, even if their class is face-to-face, would benefit from this information. And it was just fun to learn more about the psychology of learning!

Ariel Olson, M.Ed

Adjunct Faculty, First Year Experience