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  • Welcome to Spring 2023!

    Here are some things you should know before the semester starts!

    Communicating with Students Before the Start of the Semester

    You have multiple options for reaching out to students before the first day. Here are some useful tools and steps you can use:

    • Use the “Course Spreadsheets and Student Web Sites” app in your eWeber portal to find and copy the email list of students to email your whole class at once.
    • Make your Canvas syllabus visible without opening your course in your course settings by customizing your course visibility.

    Opening a course early requires additional authorization and may put students who register at the last minute at a disadvantage. If necessary, instructors can modify course start dates in Canvas. Just be aware that students will be adding/dropping classes up until the first day of the semester. Canvas course rosters are not finalized until the Sunday before the semester starts, so it is important to use alternate ways to communicate with your students before day one.

    Student Course Roster

    Since we are finalizing enrollments during the weekend before the semester starts, you may see some discrepancies between your Banner and Canvas student rosters before then. Don't Panic! Please be assured that so long as students are in your Faculty Dashboard roster, they will show up in your Canvas class once the Fall semester begins.

    If you’re planning on opening a course early, be sure to look at your course settings to verify that the start date has been updated to the date you want to start and that your course is published for student access.


    Weber State University provides free online, virtual, and on-campus tutoring. Students can register for on-campus sessions at weber.edu/tutoring

    Have your students take a look at etutoringonline.org for online services that could apply to your course.
    Special Note: Only current students and tutors will have a login to eTutoring, faculty are not provided logins.

    These can be fantastic resources for your students who need a little extra help!

    Important Updates for Spring 2023

    Introducing ePortfolios: ePortfolios are now available in Canvas through Canvas Student ePortfolios (formerly Portfolium). Visit Career Services sites for a quick Faculty Introduction and Student Introduction.

    Best of Luck in Spring 2023!

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