Student Resources

Here are some things you should know before starting your semester in Canvas.

Most Summer 2024 courses officially start on May 6, 2024. They should appear on your Canvas dashboard on the first day of classes and only after your instructors publish them.

Similarly, remember second block courses will be available on June 24, 2024.

Stay Notified!

Review your notification settings for your Canvas account to ensure that you stay notified of any changes to your courses. We recommend changing the notification setting for Announcements to “Notify immediately.”

Your Course List

You can view your Summer 2024 courses by clicking on the Courses icon canvas courses navigation icon  , then "All Courses," and scrolling down to the bottom of the list where it says "Future Enrollments." After the first Monday, your active courses should pop up on your current course list.

Note: your upcoming courses are best displayed from the website when accessed with your internet browser, as opposed to the Canvas for Students mobile app, which has limited display options.

You can add or remove courses from your dashboard by clicking the star icon next to a course in your list but only if the course has been published and the start date has passed. If you want to remove a course from your dashboard, just click the star icon and it will no longer appear.

Textbook Access

Many textbooks now offer access via your Canvas courses. If you run into access problems with your textbooks, look for technical support contact info in your syllabus or course module. The textbook companies are the experts when it comes to solving access issues as our access at WSU Online is limited.


Weber State University provides free online, virtual, and on-campus tutoring. You can register for sessions at

Weber State is also proud to be a part of the Western eTutoring Consortium, a collective of schools that have come together to provide tutoring services to online students. If you need that little bit of help with your class or find tutoring a useful resource, look at to see which subjects have tutors available! See Learning Support & Tutoring Services for more information.

Unsubmitted Assignments and Assignments Awaiting Grading

The Canvas grade book is only accurate if the entered scores are complete and current. If your professor has not yet entered grades for your missing assignments, exams, or any other course requirements, then Canvas will not apply these scores to your overall grade in the course. You can see a more accurate approximation of your current grade by using the What-If Grade feature. If you have missing work and it is not reflected in the Canvas grade book, you can enter a zero for the score to see how this would affect your grade once it is graded. Please contact your professor if you have questions about your grades.

Weber State University Calendar in Canvas

Canvas now includes a university calendar so that you can stay up-to-date on important WSU events and deadlines. Does your calendar feel cluttered? Hide calendars by clicking the colored box next to the calendars you do not want to be displayed (this will not remove upcoming assignments from your To-Do list).

Canvas Support is available 24/7!

Just click on the "Help" link in Canvas from the Global Navigation menu on the left and select "Chat with Canvas Support" anytime day or night for technical assistance.
To chat with Canvas Support by phone, simply call 1-877-215-0831.

On-site support is available during regular business hours by emailing us at
or calling 801-626-6188.

Good luck with the semester!