WSU Online Training Opportunities

Welcome! We are excited to share all of our training opportunities with you!
If you aren't sure where to start, reach out to us at and an Instructional Designer will be in touch.

New to teaching online?


Comfortable with Canvas but looking to try new things?

Become a certified "Effective Online Educator"

By completing WSU Online’s eLearning training and development path, you can prove your skills in effective and engaging course design. You’ll begin with our self-paced Canvas training and Intro to eLearning course, then complete a course design or redesign in our hands-on eLearning Certificate Program, and finally work one-on-one with an instructional designer to have your redesigned course fully vetted through a Best Practices Course Review. These steps will help you create an engaging and well-designed course for your students. Become a leader in online education with WSU Online!

1. Canvas Training

Start by learning how to use our learning management system Canvas.

Complete Self-Paced Online Canvas Training. In addition, attend our in-person Canvas Training.

2. Intro to eLearning

Next, learn the basics of effective online course design.

Complete self-paced online Introduction to eLearning Workshop. It features design examples from other WSU faculty and a textbook with proven strategies.

3. eLearning Certificate

Develop your instructional design skills while building parts of your course in our eLearning Certificate Program.

This hybrid program gives instructors an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to design or improve an existing online or hybrid course. It also features a certificate and stipend.

4. Full Course Review

Finish up by working with an instructional designer to review your online course with our Best Practices Course Review.

If you show "good evidence" on each best practices item, you'll earn the "Effective Online Educator" badge.