Online Instructional Design Workshops & Webinars

All courses are free and open to WSU faculty and staff. Most are offered through our training platform called Bridge. If you are an external guest, we have some open courses you can access using the link in the course description.

Course Name Format Course Description
Designing Accessible Online Courses (NEW!) Bridge Workshop
  • Learn about accessibility in online courses.
  • Create more accessible content for your Canvas courses.
  • Not available to external guests.
Explore Adobe! Faculty Training (NEW!) Bridge Workshop
  • Learn how to include digital fluency in your courses using Adobe products.
  • Watch videos of WSU faculty using Adobe products in their classrooms.
  • Not available to external guests.
Thriving as an Online Student: Roadmap to Success (NEW!) Canvas Commons
  • Interactive workshop available for import into your Canvas course.
  • Equip students with strategies to excel in the online academic world. 
  • Not available to external guests.
Create Measurable Learning Objectives Bridge Workshop
  • You will look at various reasons for creating course goals and objectives in your course.
  • You will examine the differences between course goals and objectives.
  • External guests can access the content here.
Creating Effective Online Discussions Interactive Workshop
  • This course will help you use discussions to achieve high levels of learning.
  • You will create deep and engaging discussion prompts.
  • And you'll learn how to effectively administer and adapt your discussions to meet the needs of your learners and your course.
Creating Mobile-friendly Courses Bridge Workshop
  • It's time to face it. Our students use mobile devices for learning. Let's help them out by approaching course design with mobile-friendly ideas in mind.
  • Be sure to BYODevice as we'll be exploring mobile design firsthand in this interactive session.
Humanize Your Online Course Bridge Webinar
  • Connect with your students and be more present in your online course without adding too much to your already full plate.
  • In this 25 minute webinar, you learn easy 5, 10, and 30 minute ideas to add to your course.
  • External guests can access the content here.
Learning Domains Bridge Workshop
  • You will discuss differences among the cognitive domain, affective domain, and psychomotor domain.
  • You will also identify learning objectives for each learning domain.
  • External guests can access the content here.
Test Construction Canvas Workshop
  • This course will help you identify well-constructed true/false, multiple-choice, matching, short-answer/completion, and essay questions.
  • You will also compute the difficulty index, discrimination index, and efficiency of true/false and multiple-choice questions.
  • External guests can access the content here.