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Virtual Volunteer Fair

Welcome to the Center for Community Engaged Learning's Virtual Fall Volunteer Fair. Learn about some of the nonprofit organizations we partner with. Check out some virtual and remote opportunities available this semester.

American Red Cross

Julie Schwartz | julie.schwartz@redcross.org | redcross.org

Virtual/Remote Opportunities

Title Time Dates Description
Volunteer Recruiter 2 hours a week ongoing As a volunteer recruiter, you will work with the volunteer services recruitment team to help us recruit new volunteers for the Red Cross. You can do this remotely and some of the things you could do are: Post information about volunteering on social media platforms Research companies, faith-based groups, community groups, diversity groups and contact them to post opportunities to volunteer with their employees/members. Host a virtual volunteer fair using teams or zoom
Volunteer Screener 2 hours a week ongoing As a member of the volunteer services screening team, you will contact people who have applied to be a volunteer and conduct a screening interview with them to ascertain what is the best volunteer role for them. You can do this position from anywhere, you will need a computer, phone, and access to the internet. After training, you will set your availability each week and can "work" any hours that you want, day, night or weekend. You will need good phone skills and good listening skills.
Duty Officer 2 on-call shifts a month ongoing As a Duty Officer, you will select an on-call shift twice a month or more and be available to take calls during that time. When a call comes in from an emergency manager (fire dept) letting you know that there is a fire, you will then access a computer system to find out what volunteer response teams are available to respond. You will then dispatch the response team and follow up with them to make sure they were able to respond.
Business Services Volunteer 2-4 hours a week   As a business services volunteer you will work remotely to answer phones and listen to messages and refer the caller to the appropriate person. You will also be available to do computer projects in business services. Experience with basic computer programs like Excel is needed.

YCC Family Crisis Center

Brent Hinsley | brent.h@yccogden.org | yccogden.org

Virtual/Remote Opportunities

Title Time Dates Description
Virtual Tutoring 1 hour a week Thursday nights This could be either a group or an individual project where volunteers tutor kids in our domestic violence shelter over Zoom.
Virtual Dance or Song Class 1 hour a week Monday or Wednesday nights This could be either a group or an individual project where volunteers teach songs or dances to kids in our domestic violence shelter over Zoom.
Virtual Crafts or painting 1 hour a week Monday or Wednesday nights This could be either a group or an individual project where volunteers drop off craft kits and later teach kids in our domestic violence shelter how to put the crafts or do a painting together over Zoom.
Donation Drives 5 hours  Anytime Fall Semester This could be either a group or an individual project where volunteers request donations from our wish list at the YCC.

Treehouse Children's Museum

Gina Adamson | volunteers@treehousemuseum.org | treehousemuseum.org

Title Time Dates Description
Remote Program Prep 1-5 hours Fall Semester Help prepare our Art Garden supplies by cutting paper, yarn, and other materials. We also need help with exhibit prep. Volunteers will cut tissue paper, paper, pipe cleaners, etc... Please reach out to Gina to coordinate supply pick up.


Safe Harbor Crisis Center

Ariella Bennett | ariella@safeharborhope.org | safeharborhope.org

Virtual/Remote Opportunities

Title Time Dates Description
Donation Drive 5-10
Any Volunteers can organize a drive to bring donations for Safe Harbor. Donation drives can be coordinated by calling 801-682-0127. Call to learn about current needs. Donation drives may include gathering specific donations needed by programs or monetary donations.
Donation Drive 5-10 hours Any Volunteers can help by organizing a donation drive for our organization. Reach our out for details 801-682-0127
Sewing Masks 5-10 hours Any Volunteers can assist by sewing masks to continue providing to our clients and staff.
Sewing Masks 5-10 hours Any Sew masks so we continue to have plenty for our many clients, staff members, and volunteers.
Social media engagement 3-5 hours Any Volunteers can share and engage in social media posts to bring more awareness about Safe Harbor to their networks.
Social media engagement March 5 Any Promote awareness of our organization by engaging in and sharing our social media posts.
Children's Activity Boxes 5-10 hours Any Volunteers can help the children in our programs by donating and assembling small activity boxes. Reach out for more information 801-682-0127

Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership

Kimberly Hall | khall@owcap.org | owcap.org

Virtual/Remote Opportunities

Title Time Dates Description
Circles Ally 1.5 to 2 hours week, long term Wednesday evenings

There are families and individuals in our community that suffer in poverty, that aren't looking for a hand-out but a hand up so they can THRIVE not just survive! Circles is a free resource for families who would like to improve their financial situation through education, employment, job training, and budgeting.

After completing the 12-week course, participants advance to the role of Circle Leader and become connected with community members called Allies, who can help them achieve their goals going forward. Allies are community members who want to support the Circle Leader to accomplish his/her plan. Circles staff will ensure that Allies are trained in how to best support Leaders in achieving their goals to get out of poverty.

As an Ally, you can be an intentional friend that offers support, cheering them on to reach their goals and dreams of becoming self-sufficient. All meetings are conducted via Zoom. Your influence can mean a lifetime of success for an individual, their family and our community. To volunteer as a Circle Ally contact Nicki Bray at 801-399-9281 ext. 501. This project is done individually however we can utilize many individuals as Allies.

Intentional Learning Activities for Head Start Classrooms Determined by volunteer September 10

At home volunteer projects that can be done individually or as a group. Volunteers will make intentional learning activities for Head Start Children to use in the classroom or in the home.

The intentional learning activities involve cutting and assembling the materials provided by OWCAP for each of the activities. OWCAP supplies the materials for sewing I Spy bags or doll clothes. Projects are picked up from OWCAP, taken home to complete, and returned to OWCAP. Contact Kim Hall at 801-399-9281 ext 301 or email at khall@OWCAP.org for more information.

Conduct a Diaper Drive Determined by volunteer(s) Ongoing need

OWCAP provides diapers through their Emergency Food Pantry to low-income families and as apart of their Early Head Start program. Safety-net programs such as Food Stamps and WIC do not cover the cost of diapers. An adequate supply of diapers can cost over $100 per month. In poor and low-income families, a baby can spend a day or longer in one diaper, leading to potential health and abuse risks.

A group can develop a virtual diaper drive through an online retailer such as Amazon. Here's an idea of how your group can conduct a virtual diaper drive See the steps below (including the language you can use to get started!)

Step 1: Determine how you want yo host the virtual diaper drive.

Visit our online retailer diaper wish list and make a direct donation of diapers virtually Send a mass email to your friends and family Host a Facebook Fundraiser Email or post on your social media channels directing people to our donation wishlist page.

Step 2: Hosting your own Virtual Drive? Compose an email or social media post to send. Here are sample social media posts (feel free to copy and paste, combine messages or make your own):

With the impact that COVID-19 has had on families, lost employment and income, the need for diaper assistance has surged over the following months. Everyone knows how important food is, and that cannot be discounted. We must also pay attention to other basic needs that have a drastic impact on families. The stress caused by needing diapers can be as stressful as food insecurity. I'm helping OWCAP to secure diapers to give to families in need through their Emergency Food Pantry. Please purchase diapers through our Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist we created for OWCAP that will deliver the diapers directly to OWCAP. Amazon Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist:

Infrequent diaper changing can cause urinary tract infections and secondary skin infections among babies that can result in necessary doctor visits. The extra stressors placed on families right now will only amplify these issues and no family wants to make extra visits to the doctor. You can help. Your donation will purchase diapers for children throughout Weber County. Donate diapers through OWCAP's Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist. Diapers will be delivered directly to OWCAP to use in their Head Start Program and distribute to local families in need. Amazon Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist:

Step 3: Don't forget to include a link to our Amazon Virtual Diaper Drive Wishlist page:

Step 4: Break out your contacts; Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snap Chat, etc., and let everyone know you're hosting a drive or donating diapers

Step 5: Tag us on social media and we'll share the amazing way you're making a difference during this challenging time.

Create I Spy bags 8 hours with a group of 5 (40 total)   This is a great group project. The I Spy bags are used as a quiet activity for children in our Head Start program. The I Spy bags need to be filled with polymer beads, I spy objects copied, then put into bag and sewn shut. OWCAP supplies the materials for making I Spy bags. Projects are picked up from OWCAP, taken home to complete, and returned to OWCAP. Contact Kim Hall at 801-399-9281 ext 301 or email at khall@OWCAP.org for more information.

Ogden Bicycle Collective

Kirsty Johnson | kirsty@bicyclecollective.org | bicyclecollective.org

Virtual/Remote Opportunities

Title Time Dates Description
Helmet, Lock, and Light Drive 8 hours Any

Our Bikes for Goodwill Program provides adult-sized bicycles for free to anyone who can't afford to purchase one. In order to assess needs, we partner with multiple nonprofit and governmental organizations. The process is simple: clients contact partner organizations who refer bike recipients to us. We repair the bikes and schedule an appointment with each recipient.

To help bike recipients stay safe while riding and keep their bike secure, we provide helmets, locks, and lights when we can. Our stocks are depleted and we need help replenishing them! You can organize a fundraiser and purchase new helmets, locks and lights, or you can organize a drive to collect them used. Used items must be checked and functioning.

This could easily work as an individual or a group project.

United Way of Salt Lake

Courtney Dean | courtney.dean@uw.org

Virtual/Remote Opportunities

Title Time Dates Description
Adopt-A-Class Program   1-2 times per month Sign up to "adopt" one of seven Latinos in Action classes at Kearns High School for the 20-21 school year. Volunteers will virtually meet with the same classroom 1-2 times per month and provide interactive lessons on career and college readiness. An outline of topics and curriculum is provided, but groups are welcome to play to their strengths and adjust the lessons.


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