Take a CEL Course at WSU

The "CEL" designation on a course stands for Community Engaged Learning and indicates that students will be engaging in meaningful community engagement that is connected to their specific course's academic objectives.

Taking a CEL course is a unique and exciting opportunity for you to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world, while providing support for a community organization.

Good Engaged Learning Means:

  • You have a genuine interest in your project.
  • You share your knowledge and talents with clients at your site while in turn learning from their knowledge and talents.
  • You reflect on your community engaged experience continuously throughout the semester.
  • You actively apply what you are learning in your service experience to your course learning objectives.
  • You learn by doing.
  • You make a difference in the community!


CEL Courses

Course Title Instructor
AT 3501 Clinical Application Alex Leonardi
BTNY 1303 Plants in Human Affairs Susan Young
COMM 2110 Inrprsnl/Sm Group  
Susan Hafen
Eva Oseguera
Colleen Berg (Packard)
Eva Oseguera
RC Callahan
Stephanie Heath
Richard Stevenson
Brent Warnock
Matthew Gerrish
Alex Lancaster
Jennifer Felt
Rebecca Johns
Stephanie Mouritsen
Stephanie Gomez
COMM 3892 Coop Work Exp Nicola Corbin
COMM 4990 Senior Seminar Colleen Berg (Packard)
CS 4450 Software Eng Methods Ted Cowan
DANC 3911 Moving Company Amanda Sowerby
DENT 3347 Dental Hygiene Susan Alexander
DET 4600 Senior Project Glen West
Jeffry Strahan
DET 4610 Senior Project Glen West
EDUC 1010 Exploring Teaching Ann Ellis
Forrest Crawford
Peggy Saunders
Jennifer Green
Natalie Williams
Clay Rasmussen
EDUC 2010 Human Exceptionality Natalie Williams
John Mayhew
EDUC 4515 Spec Educ Law & Prac Shirley Dawson
ENGL 1010 Intro College Writing Jan Hamer
ENGL 2010 Interm College Writing Jan Hamer
ENGL 3140 Prof/Teaching Editing Shelley Thomas
ENGL 3190 Document Design Emily Petersen
ENGL 4120 Seminar/Prac Prof Teaching Shelley Thomas
ESL 2351 Community Level Maria Barrera
ESL 2451 Commnity Level Maria Barrera
GEOG 4420 Adv Urban & Regional Plan Bryan Dorsey
IDT 4030 Senior Project Kristen Arnold
MSAT 6501 Graduate Practicum Hannah Stedge
MSAT 6504 Graduate Practicum Valerie Herzog
MLS 2256 Supv Clinical Experience Cristy Achter
MLS 4453 Supv Clinical Experience Cristy Achter
MLS 4454 Supv Clinical Experience Cristy Achter
NURS 4840 Honors Nursing Kristy Baron
PEP 3660
Adapted Physical Ed
James Zagrodnik
PSY 3010 Abnormal Psychology Theresa Kay
PSY 4380/4390 Practicum/Capstone Aaron Ashley
REST 4610 Adv Patient Assessment Paul Eberle
REST 4620 Health Promotion Sherri Vasas
REST 4630 Cont Quality Improv Janelle Gardiner
SW 1010 Intro Social Work Mark Bigler
Eric Tadehara
Barrett Bonella
Kristina Moleni
Mark Bigler
SW 3500 Welfare & Policy Barrett Bonella
SW 3700 SW Research Barrett Bonella
Kerry Kennedy-Pressey
SW 3930 SW Practice Barrett Bonella
SW 4500 Interven for Pop at Risk Corina Tadehara
SOC 1020 Social Problems Carla Trentelman
SOC 3660 Soc Research Carla Trentelman
THEA 2203 Costume Technology Catherine Zublin