CCEL Student Team: Alternative Breaks

The Alternative Breaks program at Weber State University strives to cultivate active citizens by offering students the opportunity to engage in direct service trips throughout the world. We aim to give students a broader perspective of the world, discover the root causes of social issues, and create a desire to work alongside their home communities.


Spring 2023 Trips:

Alternative Spring Break trips are closed!

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Trip Advisors (exempt employees only):

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The following explain each social issue and trips for Spring 2023!

Community Collaborator Continuum


Not aware of their role in social issues.



Well-intentioned but not well-educated about social issues.


Conscientious Engager

Concerned with discovering root causes; asks why; begins to connect the dots between systems of oppression.


Community Collaborator

CMakes community a priority in their values and actions; allows community to lead the charge; understands the root causes and sees the interconnectedness between issues.

Pre-Break Transformation

To help prepare students for on-site experience and to provide initial education about site specific social issues.

  • Education, orientation, and training
  • Pre-break direct service
  • Preflection: goals and expectations
  • Icebreakers and group building

On-Break Transformation

Encourage participants to look critically at root causes of social issues & challenge to evaluate roles that they have in community.

  • Strong direct service
  • Ongoing education
  • Community involvement
  • Daily reflection tied to direct service and social issue education

Post-Break Transformation

Help participants find avenues for continued community involvement and support their efforts to take action locally.

  • Organize or join small groups of thoughtful, committed citizens
  • Continued education
  • Reflection about reorientation process
  • Post-break direct service, advocacy, and philanthropy
  • Life choices that benefit the community