Risk Management

The Center For Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) encourages open communication between our CEL faculty and staff and their students and partners. We find that this decreases risk and liability for all parties. By educating yourself and your students about the risk involved in community-based learning and research, you not only encourage greater communication between Weber State University and its partners, but you also protect yourself and your students from liability.

Memorandum of Understanding

The template we use with each of our partners to establish a formal, healthy, and meaningful relationship is called a Memorandum of Understanding. You can rest assured that the CCEL will uphold our responsibilities listed therein, and we select partners who have proven to do the same. 

Informed Consent Agreement

Your students will be required to sign the Informed Consent Agreement in order to complete community engaged learning hours in an off-campus organization. This document is a stipulation of our MOU, and helps ensure safety from liability for everyone involved.

Syllabi Construction

Please use our Suggested Language for Syllabi to reinforce the concepts of conscientious partnering. If included in your syllabus, students will have information concerning their engagement responsibilities in your class.

Student Contract

We recommend you use a class-specific contract, such as the Community Engaged Learning Contract, with all of your students. This promotes communication between students and community partners and encourages students to become acquainted with their new volunteer space before beginning their community engagement. 

Guiding Principles of Risk Management

Finally, the Dos and Do Nots for Community Engaged Learning Faculty is an invaluable tool which guarantees you have done all you can to prevent harm, injury, or liability from negatively affecting community partners, your students, and yourself.

If you have any questions about the material covered here, please contact Becky Jo Gesteland in the CCEL at 801-626-7737 or bgesteland@weber.edu.