Center for Community Engaged Learning

CEL Attribute

Apply for the CEL Attribute


Update your syllabus to include a clear description of the community-engaged learning project that identifies at least one of the CEL Learning Outcomes.


Complete the CEL Attribute Request Form and save a copy.

See the Application Guide for more info.

Once you’ve completed the third step, the CEL Curriculum Committee will review your application using the CEL Designation Course Evaluation Rubric (pdf) Upon approval, the course instructor, department chair, department administrative assistant, and dean will be notified.

NOTE: the aforementioned are included for notification--they do not need to approve the Curriculog proposal.

*Spring semester deadline: October 1st

*Summer and Fall semester deadline: March 1st

What is CEL Attribute?

The CEL Attribute designates a class as “Community Engaged Learning” and signals to students that the class involves community engagement. Some key things to keep in mind:

  • Any existing course at WSU may receive the designation.
  • You will be asked to signal with which pathway or pathways of public service and civic engagement your community engagement component aligns.
  • You can designate your course (instructor-specific) or all sections of a course.
  • The CEL experience may be “Required” or “Optional” for students.
  • Community partners should be either non-profit organizations or for-profit organizations that work with marginalized populations or are addressing social justice issues. 
  • Students in CEL classes must track their hours for annual reporting and per Carnegie Classification compliance.

Why Should I Apply for the CEL Attribute?

The CEL Attribute announces to students at the time of registration that your class involves a community engaged learning or community engaged research project. It also registers your class with CCEL, which in turn provides support to you and your students by:

  • Connecting students to our Community Partner Directory
  • Helping you and your students find and build community partnerships.
  • Recording and tracking completed engagement hours.
  • Providing documentation of your high-impact teaching strategies for promotion and tenure files.
  • Assessing the CEL experience and sharing results with campus and the community. This designation formally recognizes innovative teaching and gives you the opportunity to actively participate in building a campus culture that integrates community engaged learning and High-impact Educational Experiences (HIEE) at WSU.

What are the Criteria for CEL Designation?

The CEL Curriculum Committee uses the following criteria to determine the designation:

  1. Students in the class have a community engaged learning or research experience.
  2. The learning outcomes of the course are related to the CEL Outcomes.
  3. Students in the class have an opportunity to reflect fully on their community engagement experience.
  4. The CEL opportunity relates to the subject matter of the course and is a substantial part of the course.

How to Apply for a New CEL Attribute


If you have any questions, please contact the CEL Curriculum Chair & Faculty-in-Residence, Jo Blake: