In 2017- 2018, more than 4,065 students were engaged in the community, contributing more than 137,991 hours of engagement. That equals 15 years, 9 months and 6 days, and translates to a $3.37 million* investment to communities. When you support the Center for Community Engaged Learning, you are not only helping students become thoughtful citizens and inspiring leaders, you are also helping build communities that thrive.

How your gift supports what we do

Gifts help students participating in:

  • International, national and/or local community engagement projects;
  • WSU Day at the Capitol, where they share lessons learned through community engagement;
  • Professional development opportunities, locally and nationally
  • Community Engaged Learning Scholars, a program where they develop an electronic portfolio telling their community engaged stories

Donations also help the center:

  • Develop community engaged learning (CEL) courses/opportunities for students
  • Train community engaged citizens
  • Create scholarships for community engaged students
  • Support lecture series
  • Attract knowledgeable CEL professors

1) Named Scholarship Endowment

With an initial gift of $25,000 or more, you can establish a named scholarship endowment, which allows you to honor your family, a colleague, a mentor, a friend or anyone of your choosing. An endowment is a permanent fund. The original gift is never spent, and it exists as long as WSU exists. The fund is invested with the university’s endowment pool, and a portion of the earnings is used to award a yearly scholarship or scholarships. Any remaining earnings are reinvested to help the endowment grow with inflation over time. Once established, additional contributions to the endowment may be made at any time in order to accelerate its growth.

2) Named Scholarship Fund

You can create a named scholarship fund by making annual gifts that will be awarded in full each year. Like an endowment, it can be named for anyone you choose. To be named, the award amount must be at least $1,000 per year with a pledge of at least three years. Awards of $1,000 per semester up to full tuition and fees for one or more students can be made from your named annual scholarship fund.

3) Annual or Periodic Gifts

You can make annual or periodic gifts of any amount to existing endowed or annual scholarships funds, or to specific departmental funds.

4) Deferred or Planned Gift

As part of your financial plan, you can make a deferred or planned gift to establish a new scholarship fund or add to an existing fund. These gifts may be in the form of bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, property, retirement plans, life insurance policies, and many more options. 

How to give

To give, visit, or call WSU’s gift processing office at 801-626-6138.

To discuss methods of giving, call the Development Office at 801-626-6073.

To donate your time working alongside students, serving on committees or volunteering as a guest speaker, contact the center:

Telephone: 801-626-7737
Location: Shepherd Union, Suite 327 

*as figured by Independent Sector

Give Now Online!


  1. Go to the Online Giving page: here
  2. Choose Student Affairs in the first drop down
  3. Choose Center for Community Engaged Learning in the second drop down
  4. You are then presented with four gift accounts to choose from:
    1. Axton Endowment
    2. Maxson Endowment
    3. Odekirk Endowment
    4. Maxson Gift Fund
  5. Select the gift account you would like to make your donation to
  6. Add the amount you would like to give
  7. Add any comments you would like those processing your gift to see
  8. Click the "Add Gift" button
  9. Follow the rest of the directions to complete the giving process

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