Filling the Gap: Service in the Medical Field in Northern Utah

Filling Gap Poster

Authors: Jace Barker, Cole Bingham, Branden Brooks, Samuel Macias, Brittany McNaughtan,
Arturo Milla, Katherine Monette, Nikki Pittman, Britney Saunders

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Many Hispanic patients in northern Utah are not receiving the medical help that they need due to lack of education, knowledge of resources, as well as feelings of discrimination. Many patients are not familiar with available services such as interpretation and translation services, and financial help for those that do not have access to good health insurance.


We as students have served in the community in a wide range of capacities from pediatric psychology clinics to women's centers to interpretation services and across the board. There is a huge lack of information and resources for Hispanic/Latino patients in northern Utah. Our community service has been targeted to improve the situation for these people in order to help them receive the help and education that they need.


By providing service and resources to Hispanics in their native language we can help them feel more welcome and receive the care that they require.


  • The importance of having medical information readily available in a patient's native languages.
  • The necessity of providing services that patients can trust.
  • The value of serving others without bias.

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